Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I Need More Needles!!!

Like I need another hole in my head!! My resolve to finish up projects and only start new ones as I get others done has flown out the window, so to speak. I wanted something different to show off this week that was small and quick because I have been working on a large-ish cowl and a lap blanket for the past couple of weeks and they are becoming boring to show off and going so slowly, so I cast on a couple wash clothes. They are small, quick and brightly colored which is a big change from my previous projects...
Also, my daughter asked for another KitKat Hat (not politically motivated, she just really likes cats:).
This time she wanted one in brown and since I already had the yarn for it, I cast it on right away. THEN I went to the craft store, not for yarn, but you know I had to at least look and I found some really fun yarn that I think will look great with the Knit Night Hat. I was going to go ahead and cast that one on too, but I found out that the needles that I am using for the ribbing on my daughter's hat are the same needles I need for the beginning of this hat. Hmm, good thing I don't have a good yarn store close or I might have needed to get more needles too!!

On top of this, I am set to take part in a MKAL by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade that starts next week. I am all ready with needles and yarn, and while purchasing the yarn for that I decided that I like it for Celes wrap by Jared Flood too. I had started a couple years ago and then changed my mind on the yarn. AND I really want to re-cast on Project Peace (in which I will use the yarn I pulled out from Celes to use on this:).

I was doing so good, keeping myself from a huge 'Cast On ALLLLLL the pretty little things' party, but now, not so much. We will see how this plays out:) Besides, this is the fun part anyway!!!

Reading: I finally finished 'Rent Collector' by Camron Wright. It was pretty good, but really slow. The end was moving and I am happy I forced myself to finish it. I also listened to 'To Die For' by Alice Clark-Platts. It was a short story and very different from the other. It was kind of dark and not great, but a good change of pace. (Some cursing, a suicide, an attempted rape - just so you know before you 'read' it).  I am getting ready to start 'From Sand and Ash' by Amy Harmon and I really don't know anything about it. Hopefully it will be a good one:)

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  1. Shannon, I enjoy reading about your knitting projects. I think your new starts are lovely.