Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Yarn Along - With a Finish!!!

Linking back up with Ginny at Small Things on her Yarn Along. I do have a finish, but otherwise it's going to look a bit like a repeat from last week. Here's what I've been working on...
Reading- I'm still working on Rent Collector by Camron Wright. Actually I just haven't turned it back on since last week. Going to remedy that this week and get it all finished up:) 

Knitting - I finally finished my Sockhead Slouch Hat and while I am not a great model for hats - my best feature is my hair, though I almost always wear it up, but I look a bit silly with it covered up with a hat:) That's okay though because my goal was to make a hat that I can wear with my hair up and that will keep me warm, and this hat works perfectly - plus I LOVE how the striping turned out!!! The yarn is Patons Kroy Sock yarn in colorway Blue Brown Marl. 

I am also working on Tidal Sands Cowl and got a couple more inches done on it. I am finally further on it than I have been during either of the last 2 attempts I've made:)

Crocheting - I am still working on my lap blanket. I've made some progress and have a little more than a foot of height to it now. Planning on it being 48in wide, 60in in length.

Since I have a finish it's time to go into my Ravelry account and see what I can find to knit up next:) That just might be my favorite part!! 


  1. What lovely projects, Shannon! Congratulations on getting your finished!

  2. Brilliant work on your knitting. The hat looks wonderful. Must make one myself one of these days.