Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Final '12 Projects of Christmas'

Sorry for the lateness of this post, we have both the stomach bug and the upper respiratory crud going on in my household (thankfully I haven't caught either - how long do you supose that will last? 😷). I've been busy cleaning, sterilizing and trying to only breath in non-infected air!! :) 

 As expected, I got a few of the projects completed, made some progress on others and a couple didn't get any attention at all. *Here* is what I had done before Christmas and below is what I've accomplished since.
This was the mess of stitching projects I had going the week before Christmas. Do you see the paper chart, yeah - that was one I hadn't even started but...
'She Feeds Them Well' by The Scarlett House was #11 on my list and I got done and framed in time to give to my mother in law. It was my first time framing my stitching and I think it turned out really good.

Stitch/Finish Ornaments was #8 on my list. I started and finished the stocking (the name of which escapes me - I'll update once I can get to the magazine it is in. I know it's by Blackbird Designs and that it is in one of the Just Cross Stitch Ornament issues.) This was a last min gift idea that my daughter gave to her boss's family. The Santa was one I stitched up the year before, but never finished it into an ornament. This one was a gift to my sister in law. I didn't finish the other stocking from the first photo yet.

Knitting/Crocheting pictures will be updated tomorrow for the Yarn Along, but here is a rundown on what did/didn't get done...

#1. Crochet Stars - Didn't even touch these. But I do still have them out so *maybe* I will still work on them as a quick project?
#2. Project Peace - Well, I was coming along on this, not that I was keeping up with it, but it was starting to look pretty good. Then I realized that I had the cowl twisted. I really did check my work and I thought it was good, but I must of missed it, and then in a fit of frustration (or resignation), I ripped it out. Now that I'm thinking of it more clearly I'm not sure I needed to rip it out. It wouldn't have interferred with the knitting of it and as it is a longish cowl and I will be wrapping it around me twice, you really never would have noticed it. Oh, well. I will start again soon. 
#3. Make hat for me - I am almost done with this getting ready to start the decreases - updated photo in tomorrow's post. 
#5. Make Cowl for me. Take what I wrote in #2 and repeat that:/ Well, not exactly. This happened right before the Project Peace problem. I didn't twist it, but did drop a stitch right in the middle of a lace section. I could not for the life of me figure out how to fix it, not even good enough to blend in, so I ripped it out. When I started this project I bought enough yarn to make the longest length, but then decided to knit the medium length. Now I'm back to really wanting it long (it got really cold here!!), so I guess it's not the end of the world that I'm starting it again.
#6. Crochet Lap Blanket - this is slowly coming along. It's getting too big to take with me to places so I'm only able to work on it at home. Hope to get this one done this winter.

Other projects...
#7 'JOY' Decor... I like how this turned out but it isn't a professional job. I think it would have turned out better if I had used fabric. You can't see it very well in this picture, but some of the edges aren't covered very well. You really can't tell unless you look closely so I don't think it'll matter any, I'll keep it the way it is and call it good:) 

#12. Wall Decor - this one didn't get touched and that doesn't surprise me at all. I had wanted hubby to make a wall hanging that had a basket, hooks and some kind of way to attach a stitched piece to it so I could change it out with the seasons. This is still high on my priority list of honey-dos, but as we ran out of 'play' money and then he was feeling puny the last half of break, it just didn't get done...yet!! 

So only 2 projects didn't get touched, and two went backwards, the rest either got done or make good progress. I say that is a win!! 

I'm going to take a break on challenges/bucket lists for the winter. So no new list for now, maybe I'll do it again for Spring:) 


  1. I think you did well with your list. Your framed piece looks super as does your finished ornaments. I like your JOY décor. I hope you remain healthy.

  2. Love the finished cross stitch and the JOY piece. So pretty!