Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Craft On: Making Some Progress

Linking with Nicole of Frontier Dreams  (This is last weeks post for Nicole as she is in the middle of a move:)

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I am participating in the 100 Day Project LINK HERE. It seems that it's more geared towards artists than crafters, but there are several of us crafters that have joined in. Look up #100dayproject on instagram and you will see lots of different projects going on. My journey can be found at #100daysofmymaking on instagram:)

I've gotten a few knitting projects off the needles in the past two weeks.

First is a Sockhead Slouch hat I made for my daughter. I really like the colors in this. Black, of course as that is mostly what my daughter wears, but the pops of blue and a grey/purple kept it fun to knit. This is the 3rd of these hats that I have made and I'm thinking the last. I hope next time she wants a hat we can pick a different pattern:)
I also finally finished my Hermione Socks and I really love how they turned out!! 
I did have a problem with the toe on the first sock I knit though. I have done kitchener stitch before on the other socks that I've made, but it didn't seem right this time. I decided to knit up the second sock and see what the toe looked like on it before fixing the first one. Sure enough, my kitchener stitch worked out just fine on the second one, so I took out the toe on the first one, and fixed it.
I also have a stitching finish. I finally finished the first of the Farmhouse Christmas series: Red Barn by Little House Needleworks. This series is perfect for our little 'homestead'*. I love the little sheep on this one!!
I said I didn't have any set goals for my 100 Day Project a couple weeks ago, but I did end up making up a list of what I hope to accomplish over the 100 day period. This is the first page of my goals and so far I am right on schedule, actually a little ahead of the game. I'm happy to be a bit ahead as I tend to slack off as a deadline comes closer to the end:)
We will see how far I get on this list which includes finishing the 3 Farmhouse Christmas charts that I currently own - I will have a few more by the time this challenge is done, finishing up my O'Tannenbaum stitching project and making/finishing two more pair of socks. I would also like to see some progress on the Cloud Wrap I am working on.  I will keep you updated on my progress:) 

Note: *Homesteading has many different definitions for many different people. I see homesteaders as as people actively using their land/property, whether acreage or their backyard, to partially provide for themselves or family. This can mean growing a garden, raising animals, and/or finding a way to use the land to provide monetarily, by providing money or saving money - ie cutting wood for sale or own use, canning their produce, sewing for profit or family ect. Technically then, I don't see us as actively doing this, yet, but we are working on it.  Everyone can have their own opinion on this, of course:)

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Yarn Along: April 2018

Linking with Ginny from Small Things with Yarn Along and Nicole from Frontier Dreams with Craft On.

This month has been a little hit and miss on the craft front. I do a little here and a little there, but I'm  just not getting much of anything done. So yesterday I joined the 100 Day Project. I think it's a bit more geared towards artists and coming up with a big project that you are going to put a bit of work into for 100 consecutive days, but I'm using it to amp up my crafting.  No big project, just trying to focus and get a few done. *I will post the finished projects here, but if you want to follow along on  IG my IG account name is withworkinhand.* 

So with that in mind, I started a new project :) HAHAHA well, to be fair, it's a small, quick and easy project and one that I've been wanting to try, but still, not exactly getting any existing projects done:)

This is what I started out with...
 Just a simple cotton wash cloth that I crocheted. And turned it into this...
Such a cute little bunny. She's not quite finished. I think she needs eyes, a nose and whiskers and a tail. And she's a bit head heavy, so I am going to try and fix that as well, but otherwise, she is super cute:) I'll post pictures of her when she is all done. The instructions for this is HERE. 

I have also worked on my daughter's hat. This is a Sockhead Slouch hat and I am about an inch from starting the decreases for the crown. This will be what I focus on next for a finish. 
I have been listening to some books on Audible, the latest one that I finished was...
It was really good, I wish I had realized it was the only one in this series that had been published, because I really want to listen to the next one!! The next book comes out in May, but I'm not sure how long I'll have to wait until the Audible version will be ready. I can't wait!! :) 

Okay, off to do a bit more crafting before needing to make dinner for the family:) Have a good evening!! 

Friday, March 30, 2018

Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop 2018

I decided to join in with Jo from Serendipitous Stitching and her Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop this year. To be a part of the fun all you do is start from Jo's blog and write down the letter that each blog is featuring to make this year's Easter Treasure Hunt phrase. When you figure out the phrase you should comment on Jo's blog:) So much fun!!!

My featured letter is:

I didn't end up getting anything new finished up in time for this blog hop, but I did 'finish/finish' a piece that I stitched up last year.

This is 'Carrots' By SubRosa. It was a free design created last spring for anyone purchasing another design in her Esty shop. I can't find it in her shop now, but maybe if you asked really nice she will add it at some point:)
 The chart came with instructions on making a pouch and felt carrots to go into the pouch.

The pouch was to have a green felt fringe on the top edge of it, but I didn't have the right shade of green felt so I left it off. I thought it would be fine, but it seems a little bare on the top, so I might try to track down some in the right shade and add it on. Also I think it needs a way to hang the pouch as it pretty much has to sit flat the way it is, but that can be fixed too:)

The next blog to visit is:


Happy Blog Hopping!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Craft On: Spring Away

Linking with Nicole of Frontier Dreams

It's been a good long while since I've posted, maybe a month? I think the winter cold got to me a little this year and I needed a bit of a tech break. We do not live where all the snow has been, in fact we had been completely dry here up until a week or so ago when we started getting the spring rains. We are cloudy with drizzle and on the cold-ish side of things today. We really need the rain, so I don't mind:)

I have been knitting and stitching a little here and there, though not as much as I would have liked. I am still working on the same projects I was the last time I posted:)

Cloud Wrap from Curious Handmade:
 Sockhead Slouch Hat from Kelly McClure
I love, love, love how the Cloud Wrap is turning out. The color and the little puckers are just perfect!! The hat is a little less exciting as this is the third one I've made and it is a lot of repetitive knitting, but perfect for tv watching and even though it is mostly black (daughter's choice), I do like the bursts of blue in it:) I thought I wouldn't get it done before the warm weather hit, but I think it'll be done by next week and we still have chilly weather in the forecast - though thankfully not below freezing!!

I'm off to eat lunch, knit a bit more and get some chores done!! Have a lovely day!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Craft On: 1, 2, 3!?!?!

Linking up with Nicole from Frontier Dreams

3 projects on my needles?!?!?
Why, yes there are!! ~Actually if I am being honest, there are a lot more than 3 projects on needles, but these are the ones I'm actively working on:)

I've made quite a bit of progress on my Cloud Wrap...
I am right at the point where I'm done with the increases on both sides, it will now increase on one side and decrease on the other.

Also got a bit done on my Hermione sock...
I have the leg done and have started the heel flap.

And then I started another hat for my daughter..
This will be a Sockhead Slouch hat like the last one I made for her. She really likes the style and it fits her really well. This yarn was to be a pair of socks for her, but she said she'd rather have a hat. This is a really easy hat to make, a super portable project.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Craft On - Making Progress

Linking with Nicole from Frontier Dreams 

This week has been much more productive with the knitting!! First off I did finish the first of the Hermione socks and got a start on the second one:-)
I really love the texture on these:) However my kitchener stitch on the toe didn't turn out real well. I've done this stitch before without a problem, so I'm not sure what happened. I'm going to finish the second sock and see how the toe turns out on it, and then I'll decide if I want to take it out and try again or not.

I got a little further on the Cloud wrap as well and I really like how it's turning out as well.
The lighting washed out the color a bit, it's really a much deeper teal blue, but it does show the start stitches pretty well. Going to a bit of a heavier weight yarn really did help with stitch definition and it's easier to knit with as well. I am really starting to enjoy this project now:)

Hoping to get the other sock done by next week and get a lot more done on the wrap!!

Happy crafting!!

Monday, February 19, 2018

IHSW - Feb 2018

Linking up with Joysze from Random Ramblings and her International Hermit and Stitching Weekend:)

It's been quite some time since I participated in the IHSW and I'm super excited that it is back up and running:) Thank you Joysze for putting the work into this stitch along and the Facebook page as well!!

Like normal - for me anyway, I made headway on one and lost ground on the other. The first project I worked on was O Tannenbaum from With thy Needle and Thread. I started off here...
And ended up here. This finished this section of the design. There are 5 sections that are intended to be cut out and placed in different cubbies of a shadow box. I'm not doing the box, but will quilt the pieces together to make a small wall hanging. 
 I also worked on the first design in the Farmhouse Christmas series from Little House Needle Works. I started here...
And ended up here. I guess I did make a little progress on the the right side of the barn, but as I was stitching it I realized that I miscounted on the left side and needed to frog most of it. All-in-all, I lost progress on this one.  I intend to quilt these designs together as well.
Not bad for a couple of days though and I'm loving both of these projects so much!!

Off to see how others got along this weekend!!