Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Craft On: MIA

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Well, it's been a few weeks since I've posted anything at all on my blog. Nothing major going on here, just needing a little break. My wrists/hands are working on getting better, so I have gotten a little knitting done. Actually I've gotten a little 'starting' done:)

First off, I'm really getting somewhere with my socks...
One down and the other is to the heel flap!! I love the colors in these socks and can't wait to wear them!! And speaking of wearing socks, it finally got cool enough for me to wear my first pair of knitted socks!! My family thinks I'm nuts, but I was so excited:)
I said I've been starting projects, well.. When I started knitting my 2 main goals were to learn to knit socks and to learn to make sweaters/cardigans. I have succeeded on the socks, and now it's time to make a cardigan!! I'm making Georgetown by Hannah Fettig from her Home and Away collection.
All I have done on it is the ribbing along the bottom (the blue knitting above). About the same time I started that, my daughter said she would like a pair of mitts, so I started Maize by Tin Can Knits from their Simple Collection. This will be a first for me as well.
I was working along on all the above when I got a text from a close friend saying that a foster family friend of hers was in need of a little girl hat. The little one had brain surgery last week and they wanted a pretty hat for her (they even sent a picture of an example, complete with the flower:). I found this pattern 'Lilac Hat' by Yelena Chen and I think it is perfect. The little girl has many health issues one of which is that she is blind so the color was at the request of the mom and rest of the family. I started on the bottom one, but it's too thick so I went back and got thinner yarn, and I'm liking it better. I'll finish the thicker one for her too so she can wear it outdoors:)

As soon as the hats are done I'm right back on the other projects!!

Off to see what others have been working on:)