Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Craft On - Lots of Yarn!!

As I posted a few days ago, last week ended up not being very productive due to our household coming down with a cold (but thankfully not the flu!!). Most of this is progress from the week before, but I didn't get a chance to show it off so I am now:)

One thing I got done was a scarf I was working on for our 4-H carnival. It went into a basket our club put together with a 'Winter' theme and then was auctioned off along with baskets from the other clubs in the county. It was a pretty simple crochet pattern I found looking at wash cloth patterns:)

I have been working on crocheting another pot holder too as quite a few of mine are falling apart. This one will be a bit bigger than the last I made and I'm thinking it'll be the perfect size.
I am also working on another sock:) This is the 'Hermione's Everyday Sock' pattern that I started sometime in November when I was working on a lot of Christmas gifts. I needed something to work on when our daughter was home and I couldn't work on her gifts. I really love the texture in this pattern and am ready to make the heel flap now.

I need to pull out a few WIPs and projects that I have kitted, but haven't started yet to see what I want to work on next. I know I want to continue with socks, and I have an afghan that I need to work on too. I may pull out the sweater I started, but I'm not sure. Hmm, maybe I need a new project all-together!! :) We will see.

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Stitchy Update

I was all set to post last week with some stitching/sewing/knitting fun, but our household got hit with sickness like so many other seem to have. Thankfully ours was the cold and not the flu and so was much less severe and shorter lasting. Daughter and I are feeling almost back to normal now, hubby was the last to get it so he still has a few days to go.

I thought I'd update on what I'm currently stitching on today since that might change by the end of the week:) The beginning of a series that I've been waiting on recently released - Farmhouse Christmas from Little House Needleworks!!! And as such, I will be going on a little shopping trip later this week to pick it up along with supplies and anything else that catches my eye. It'll allow me to use up the gift card my mother-in-law always gets me for Christmas. Usually I use it right after Christmas when my local needlework shop has their inventory sale, but I knew this was coming out soon so I saved it;)

Right now I'm continuing to focus on...
I'm not sure if you can really tell the progress I've made on this in the last couple of weeks. Right now I'm mostly filling in all the little spots that is one stitch here and one stitch there. It takes longer but doesn't show progress. Bummer. I'm still on the first page, but am a little over half way now, so that is good:) 

I'm also working on Winter Snapperland from Bent Creek. I've just about got the first of four blocks done.
AND a finish!!! This is 'Handprint on My Heart'. I had planned to get it sewn together so I could hang it up last week, but that's about when the sickies hit, so hopefully I'll have that to show off later this week.
 That is all for now. I'm pretty excited for my shopping trip, so I think I'll go and make a supply list right now:)

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Friday Night Sew-In

Joining in on Friday Night Sew-In with Wendy from Sugarlane Designs.

I'm pretty excited to be getting back to a couple sew/knit/stitch blog hops. Helps to keep me motivated:) 

I started a big stitching project for the beginning of the year, 'The Way Things Used to Be' from Artecy designs. It is so big that I can't fold up the fabric on one side of the q-snap to hold it in place. I don't usually use a q-snap or frame/holder of any kind, but this one is a must. My sister-in-law suggested that I make a grime/crud guard for it as it would keep me from getting the fabric dirty and help hold in the fabric..
  Look at all that extra fabric!!
 So much better!!

I showed my sister-in-law that I had figured out how to make one (loosely following THESE instructions) and she asked if I could make her one with the coordinating fabric I used when making her a stitching bag and I decided I needed one more for another semi-big project I'm working on, so...

 This stitching project is 'Winter Snapperland' from Bent Creek.
And now I have another request from a friend for one or two for her. Thankfully they are super simple to make so I don't mind:)

I have yet to actually use them as I needed to get a scarf done that I was working on, but that is done now so it's time for some stitching!!

Off to see what others got done last night as well!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Happy 2018!!!

Yeah, I know, I'm a little late to the party:) I've really taken my time easing into the new year. My last post was in the middle of November and shortly after that my hubby broke his ankle. Not a bad break, thankfully, no surgery required, just lots of rest and relaxation, which my hubby can do for a full 24 hours or so before he is ready to be back up and at it. The 5 weeks that he more or less took off work was pretty much torture for him. Other than a day or two here and there where he *thought* he was ready to go back to work and then learned otherwise, he was in the bed or on the couch with his leg up - he was having a lot of issues with it swelling. He's all back to better now, and we are all thankful for that!!! When he first did it my sister-in-law asked if the doctors were going to tranquilize him to keep him off the ankle. I said they needed to either tranquilize him, or me!!

With all the home time, I did get quite a bit of crafting done. Most of it was for Christmas gifts, some of which I forgot to take pictures of!!!

I made a new zipper stitching bag for my sister-in-law, finished the autumn wordplay stitching and the winter wordplay stitching for my mother-in-law, made a sockhead slouch hat for my daughter...
 and Maize finger-less mitts for her as well.
I think that is all for the Christmas gifts:) I even had most of them done by Christmas, I finished up the mitts on Christmas night, so I decided that counted too!!

Since then I have been working on a bit of stitching and crochet. First is my Jan 1st start, it is 'The Way it Used to Be' from Artecy and it is a big one!! I made the mistake of telling my hubby that I was looking for a new pattern to start for Jan 1st and he asked if I could do one that he liked too. One that was a little bigger that we could hang up in the living room. So he starts looking around the internet and finds some he liked and so did I and we came up with this one...
There are around 24 pages of chart in this one!! So I'm not planning on having it finished anytime soon, but I will work steadily along on it. In between I hope to get some smaller projects finished like this one...
Just about done with it. I'm stitching this over one so it'll be pretty small.

And I'm also working as fast as possible on this..
Just a basic crochet scarf that I'm making to put in a 'Winter' themed basket that our 4-H group will be auctioning off. It's at about 40 inches long right now and needs to be finished by Friday!! Gulp!! I'm pretty sure if I put the stitching down for a couple days that I can get it finished in time:)

I've got big plans for both crafting and home/life/possible business coming up for this year and I'm super excited about all of it. I'll make sure to keep you updated on all of it:)

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