Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Craft On: Spring Away

Linking with Nicole of Frontier Dreams

It's been a good long while since I've posted, maybe a month? I think the winter cold got to me a little this year and I needed a bit of a tech break. We do not live where all the snow has been, in fact we had been completely dry here up until a week or so ago when we started getting the spring rains. We are cloudy with drizzle and on the cold-ish side of things today. We really need the rain, so I don't mind:)

I have been knitting and stitching a little here and there, though not as much as I would have liked. I am still working on the same projects I was the last time I posted:)

Cloud Wrap from Curious Handmade:
 Sockhead Slouch Hat from Kelly McClure
I love, love, love how the Cloud Wrap is turning out. The color and the little puckers are just perfect!! The hat is a little less exciting as this is the third one I've made and it is a lot of repetitive knitting, but perfect for tv watching and even though it is mostly black (daughter's choice), I do like the bursts of blue in it:) I thought I wouldn't get it done before the warm weather hit, but I think it'll be done by next week and we still have chilly weather in the forecast - though thankfully not below freezing!!

I'm off to eat lunch, knit a bit more and get some chores done!! Have a lovely day!!


  1. Hi Shannon! Good to see your post! I really like your Cloud Wrap; the color is simply gorgeous. I like the pops of blue in the hat you are making for your daughter. Have a good week!

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