Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Craft On: Making Some Progress

Linking with Nicole of Frontier Dreams  (This is last weeks post for Nicole as she is in the middle of a move:)

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I am participating in the 100 Day Project LINK HERE. It seems that it's more geared towards artists than crafters, but there are several of us crafters that have joined in. Look up #100dayproject on instagram and you will see lots of different projects going on. My journey can be found at #100daysofmymaking on instagram:)

I've gotten a few knitting projects off the needles in the past two weeks.

First is a Sockhead Slouch hat I made for my daughter. I really like the colors in this. Black, of course as that is mostly what my daughter wears, but the pops of blue and a grey/purple kept it fun to knit. This is the 3rd of these hats that I have made and I'm thinking the last. I hope next time she wants a hat we can pick a different pattern:)
I also finally finished my Hermione Socks and I really love how they turned out!! 
I did have a problem with the toe on the first sock I knit though. I have done kitchener stitch before on the other socks that I've made, but it didn't seem right this time. I decided to knit up the second sock and see what the toe looked like on it before fixing the first one. Sure enough, my kitchener stitch worked out just fine on the second one, so I took out the toe on the first one, and fixed it.
I also have a stitching finish. I finally finished the first of the Farmhouse Christmas series: Red Barn by Little House Needleworks. This series is perfect for our little 'homestead'*. I love the little sheep on this one!!
I said I didn't have any set goals for my 100 Day Project a couple weeks ago, but I did end up making up a list of what I hope to accomplish over the 100 day period. This is the first page of my goals and so far I am right on schedule, actually a little ahead of the game. I'm happy to be a bit ahead as I tend to slack off as a deadline comes closer to the end:)
We will see how far I get on this list which includes finishing the 3 Farmhouse Christmas charts that I currently own - I will have a few more by the time this challenge is done, finishing up my O'Tannenbaum stitching project and making/finishing two more pair of socks. I would also like to see some progress on the Cloud Wrap I am working on.  I will keep you updated on my progress:) 

Note: *Homesteading has many different definitions for many different people. I see homesteaders as as people actively using their land/property, whether acreage or their backyard, to partially provide for themselves or family. This can mean growing a garden, raising animals, and/or finding a way to use the land to provide monetarily, by providing money or saving money - ie cutting wood for sale or own use, canning their produce, sewing for profit or family ect. Technically then, I don't see us as actively doing this, yet, but we are working on it.  Everyone can have their own opinion on this, of course:)


  1. Your Little House stitchery is lovely. I love hermione socks, they are amazing and look really comfy :)

  2. Shannon, way to go on your finishes. Your socks are lovely and I really like the pops of blue in your daughter's hat. Your Red Barn finish looks great. Are you using the called for red thread? Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Love the finished projects! The hat looks like it will be so comfortable and slouchy. I love the Hermione socks the texture on top looks wonderful. Love the stitched piece you made, that will be so nice to have at Christmas time. Good luck on the challenge!

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