Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Craft On: 1, 2, 3!?!?!

Linking up with Nicole from Frontier Dreams

3 projects on my needles?!?!?
Why, yes there are!! ~Actually if I am being honest, there are a lot more than 3 projects on needles, but these are the ones I'm actively working on:)

I've made quite a bit of progress on my Cloud Wrap...
I am right at the point where I'm done with the increases on both sides, it will now increase on one side and decrease on the other.

Also got a bit done on my Hermione sock...
I have the leg done and have started the heel flap.

And then I started another hat for my daughter..
This will be a Sockhead Slouch hat like the last one I made for her. She really likes the style and it fits her really well. This yarn was to be a pair of socks for her, but she said she'd rather have a hat. This is a really easy hat to make, a super portable project.


  1. I really like all of your projects that are on the needles. The wwrap looks really nice and fun to knit. The socks looks so beautiful an I love the colors and the texture. The hat is coming along so well and it is so great that your daughter likes that style. I am knitting a beanie right now and hoping that I also like the slouch in a hat. Have a good weekend!