Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Craft On - Something Different

Linking with Nicole @ Frontier Dreams and Crafting On:)

We had such a nice family week last week with my hubby home. We mostly drove around truck shopping (not fun, but necessary), but we also went to a really nice fireworks display, used our new outdoor projector - that was a lot of fun, and the cows in the pasture behind us joined in too, and our daughter and I played lots of games.

But what I didn't do much of is knit. I worked on my Tidal Sands Cowl a little here and there, and I stitched a tiny bit, but that's about all...until yesterday. My sister-in-law (Marianne) sent me a link to a free crochet pattern to make kitchen scrubbies. They are meant to replace those sponges with one side sponge and one side that is scratchy. I only use those sponges occasionally, most often opting for dish cloths that I can wash and change out daily. But these are cute, looked easy to make and are washable, so I thought I'd give them a try....
Scrubby Side
Soft Side
And they were easy, though I made a couple small changes as I went. On the first one I used 'I Love Cotton' yarn with Yarn Bee 'Scrub-ology'. The pattern calls for Sugar and Cream cotton (which is coarser then what I used) and Red Heart Scrubby yarn (it was only available in 'sparkle' which I didn't like - but was scratchier than what I bought). The instructions said to make a rectangle 3 times as long as the 'sponge' was to be with the last 1/3 being a combination of the cotton and scrubby yarn. I started doing that, but I didn't feel like the scrubby section was rough enough, so I switched to just the scrubby yarn and did single crochet to make it tighter. That worked pretty good, though I think the 'I Love Cotton' yarn is too soft to wash dishes with (but it makes really nice bath wash clothes!!). So I made another one using the called for cotton which isn't scratchy, but it isn't as soft either, and I did the same thing with the scrubby yarn and I think it turned out perfect. I haven't used them yet, but I have a sink full of dishes to try them out on in a bit:) I'll let you know how it goes.

In all I probably spent close to 3 hours total making both of them and tweaking a bit here and there, and I'm pretty slow at these things. It was a really quick and easy project to make even if I don't end up liking them as well as wash cloths:)

Not I'm off to see what everyone else has been up to.


  1. What pretty dish wash rags you created! I really like the yarns you used for the soft side. I have wondered how the scrubby yarn would hold up.

  2. I wish I could still crochet but it KILLS my carpal tunnel. Four crochet stitches & I can't pick up a pencil for a week. Thankfully knitting doesn't bother me at all. Love your Tidal Sands cowl!