Friday, July 28, 2017

County Fair

We survived another county fair. This year we were treated to temps as high as 107!! Thankfully, with our daughter fully driving on her own now, I didn't have to spend much time in that nasty weather, but one or the other of us was up at the fair every day of it this year. I do have to say that we are very spoiled in comparison to many during county fair time. Since we live in the county that hosts our state's fair, we get to use their facilities for our county fair:) The main building we use for everything other than animals is air conditioned and rather large. We host as many activities in there as possible. However, our county fair is mainly just 4-Her's and the general public rarely gets involved. Since our county hosts the state fair, they don't put money into the county fair, that all comes from 4-H and donations. So there are no rides, concerts (unless you count karaoke night!!), fair food vendors or any of the things you may associate with a fair.

That's okay though, it really stays focused on the kids' work throughout the year. This year our daughter took in foods, arts and crafts, photos and did a speech for the first time at the fair. She also helped her friend during the horse show since her friend took 2 horses and needed someone to hold one and to help with tack. That was the 107 degree day and I was VERY happy that I didn't need to be there:)

Our daughter's main focus each year is art and photography. This year she got a purple for...
Spray Paint Art. At our last State Fair she found a guy doing spray paint art and bought a picture from him. His was way more detailed, but she wanted to see what she could do as well. This one was maybe her 6th or 7th try with it. She'll take this one to state fair in the open class art category.
And a black and white photo. She's been wanting to play with black and white for a while now. This photo was a last min idea she had based off an art picture she saw online. I love the 'LOVE' with the laces:) She will take this to state fair in the 4-H division.

She is 18 this year, and most 4-Her's stop once they graduate high school but she won't age out until next year, so she can join for one more year if she likes. I think she's decided that if her friend does, she will too. So we may have one more year of county fair before us, we will see:)


  1. I really like the black and white photo your daughter created along with the spray paint art picture. I wish her much success at the state fair. Enjoy your weekend, Shannon!

  2. I really like the black and white photo your daughter created along with the spray paint art picture. I wish her much