Thursday, April 6, 2017

Crafting On - It's Growing!!

Linking with Nicole of Frontier Dreams and her Crafting On blog hop.

Other than a few hiccups with finding the right dye-lot for the green, I'd say the 'John Deere' baby blanket it coming along nicely!! The colors are even growing on me:) It is starting to remind me of a bright, sunshiny, spring day!!
I didn't even pay attention to the dye lots as I don't usually have problems with this yarn, but the two on top don't match. The color is close, but they are a lot more dull than the others. I had to go back to the store and only found 2 in the same dye lot, and then to a different town where I bought the 4 skeins they had. There is one more store close enough to check if this is still not enough, but I'm hoping it will be. The yellow was fine and I'm sure I have enough of it now:) 
The colors almost match my tulips (and dandelion patch!!) perfectly...

On other crafting notes: I'm just about finished with my mother in law's birthday stitching now, and am itching to get back to the carrot bag stitching project too!! I just love keeping my hands busy:)


  1. They do match that tulip. Sorry you had such difficulty with dye lots, hopefully you have enough now.

  2. You are making good progress on the John Deere blanket, Shannon. It is looking super.

  3. Busy hands do make for a happy heart. I agree- the John Deere colors are reminding me of Spring as well. Beautiful blanket progress!