Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Welcome to the Kansas State Fair!!!

The State Fair is in town this week and I've already been up there three times. It helps that we only live about a half hour outside of the town it is hosted in:) Also that is the town we do our shopping in and most of my daughter's activities. The first day of the fair I dropped off my daughter's 4-H projects. These are projects that won a purple ribbon at the county fair and then got to move on to the state fair.
Arts and crafts don't get judged at the state fair level (at least in the 4-H division in our state) as they feel you can't judge someone's creativity, and since the judges don't meet the kids at the state level, they can't talk to them about their experience/skill level either.
Rylie did win a blue for her Jamaican Banana Bread though!!

Yesterday I dropped hubby off at the fair while I took dd to a class and did a little running around. I meet back up with him a couple hours later and we walked around the fair for a bit. Dd ended up going to the fair with some friends so I went back up there later to pick her up. I got a little time to do some looking at the fair before meeting up with her. I saw...

 The midway, something I try and avoid. This area is loud and crowded and kinda gives me the creeps. Of course, this was what my daughter and her friends came up here for:)
 This moo-cow looked so soft and cuddly. It won high prize in the FAA division.
The newborn kids.. this is one of my daughter and my favorite places at the fair - the birthing barn:) We have spent many hours here waiting for and watching the animals being born. 
And of course, the butter sculpture. This is a staple at our fair - and I'm sure many others as well. This year's isn't as impressive as in years past, sometimes the whole area is made out of butter, so this was a little disappointing. The butter kittens are super cute though!!

My daughter and I have plans to make it up there one more time this week so she can look at a few things that she missed while being there with her friends. Maybe there will be more babies in the birthing barn by then:)


  1. Well done to your daughter on her ribbon wins.Loos like a great event, sounds like you guys really enjoy it. Love the animals, so cuddly.

  2. Yay Rylie on her entries and win! and those little animals do look very cuddly. I'm blown away by that butter sculpture!!