Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Stitching Update

I'm coming along on my stitching projects here lately. I would say it's the cooler weather moving in that has me motivated - and it did get a *bit* cooler for a few days, but it's been in the upper 80s and lower 90s for several days now, with at least a week left of this to go, soo... not the weather!! I am very much looking forward to 60-70 degree weather coming soon, though I'd like it to stay around and skip the whole winter thing:)

Here is my stitching progress for this week...
 'She Feeds Them Well' is starting to really come together. I've made a couple minor thread switch outs, but only because the colors were blending together a bit too much. Other wise I'm stitching it as it says:)
And Bittersweet Lane is beginning to take shape as well. I had to keep making myself work on the brick work and not switch over to stitching the pumpkin!! But the brick work is getting closer and soon I'll be able to start stitching the fun part:)

I'm off to work on a couple sewing projects now. Hoping to get a bag I've had partly sewn together for a while now completed so I can actually use it:)


  1. I have been in the stitching mood lots lately also. Lookin' real good Shannon!

  2. Great work on both pieces, you are making fantastic progress. I'm really enjoying watching these two grow.

  3. Both pieces are looking good, Shannon. Your brickwork is super looking.