Monday, March 23, 2015

March 2015 IHSW

IHSW is hosted by Joysze From Random Ramblings. It seems like I've done a lot of 'hermiting' the past couple weeks, but last week I was actually gone more than I would have liked. This week won't be so bad though. For some reason dd has less going on the last week of the month than any other. It'll be good not to be running around so much:)
This weekend I focused on the Noel Stocking from BBD that was the last project sent out to the members of the Ladies Prim Society last year. Here is a picture of what it will look like...
 And where I am with it right now..
Before this weekend all I had done was the bird, so I didn't take a 'before' photo. I was worried that this piece would be too pink for my liking as I'm not generally a 'pink person' anyway, but even more so for Christmas as I tend to stick to traditional colors for that. So I made one change to the colors, the darker red/pink I have used was much more on the pinkish side in the kit, I did leave the lighter pink as it helps to contrast, and I am finding that I am liking how it is turning out. The stem looks almost black in this photo, it is actually dark brown irl.
I am super happy with the progress I have been making with my stitching, this project, but also a couple others I have going as well. When I started knitting, and then crocheting again, my stitching really slowed down. Of course there are only so many hours in the day, and unfortunately, even for a 'stay-at-home' momma like me, not nearly enough of those hours can be spent doing my crafts!! But the bug for stitching has outweighed the knitting or crocheting bug here lately, so stitching progress is winning right now:)
Now I'm off to see other's progress!! :) Have a great day!!


  1. You've done really well - that's a lovely project.

  2. This is beautiful! You do wonderful stitching.

  3. That's really pretty. Those threads look gorgeous!

  4. Your stocking is coming along beautifully! I came over from your other blog which I had been following. Your new space is very nice!