Tuesday, March 31, 2015

End of Month Wrap Up

Just getting my monthly wrap-up in at the last few min of this month! It has been a weird month with the surprise surgery and a bit more busy than normal for March. It was nothing like April will be, that is our 'Super Duper Busy, Yes, Please EVERYONE, Schedule More Activities This Month' month. But it will come to an end as well and we will have good memories from all the birthdays, Easter, Formal and other normal things as well.

It does feel like I was able to get a bit more handiwork done this month though. The extra down time helped with that. This is some of what I worked on...

The first two are from my Tree Bird Blog Hop post, and the last was my new start for March. I'm about 1/2 done with the Noel Stocking from Blackbird Designs.

I had two projects I was working on this month. The Southbay Shawl is almost done. Actually it is bigger than the pattern says to make it, but I wanted it bigger. I was hoping that the round I finished today would be the end of it, but I'm thinking it needs two more rounds. I don't think I'm going to put the edging on it, just leave it with a scalloped edge. I will do sc along the bottom edge though. And the baby blanket is coming along. The soft colors didn't show up well next to the dark blue of the shawl. I really can't see this being anything other than a boy blanket, so I'm really hoping dh's friends have a boy!! :)

I started the dish cloths as my new March projects and they BOTH GOT DONE!! I even used one to do dishes tonight:) And I am finally at 50% on the Guernsey Wrap!! So I'm pretty happy with my knitting progress:)
Tomorrow starts a new month and that means new projects!!! I will have a post up tomorrow to show off what I will be working on in April.

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  1. Great progress on all your projects. You got lots of different pieces worked on.