Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Craft On - 1 Step at a Time

Linking with Nicole at Frontier Dreams and her Crafting On blog hop.

I'm still working away on my Tidal Sands Cowl. When I last posted, I was tinking back, and after that I knitted away for a while and realized that I still had a mistake back near the first one, so I tinked back some more (@#$$@#)!! I did finally remember what I HAVE to do every time I knit a lace pattern - COUNT!!! I have my project set up with a stitch marker every 40 stitches to make that easier, I had it set up that way from the beginning, but I was being bold wreak-less, and not counting as I have the pattern memorized at this point. Hmm, obviously it doesn't matter.

Anyhow, I'm back to making forward progress on it...
When I pulled this back out a couple weeks ago I was just starting on the 4th repeat and after knitting, tinking, knitting, tinking and knitting some more I am halfway through the 5th of 7 repeats. My daughter said if I liked knitting it so much I should make another one instead of re-knitting the same one over and over. Yeah, she's pretty funny:)

I also decided to pull out the curtains that I knitted quite a while back. I still needed to weave in the ends, wash and block it and then sew the top into a tab to put the curtain rod through....
This window is over my kitchen sink and would have originally looked outside to the back of the house. At some point a porch was build and then turned into an extra room. My guess is that this was used as a wash house as this house was built in 1920 in the heart of Kansas, where there wasn't electricity until around the mid to late 1940's (the house still has some of the original wiring). As there was no electricity, there was no bathroom. A small room was made by way of cutting off one of the 2 bedrooms and a toilet and sink fits in it, but our shower is actually located in this room off the back of the kitchen, you guessed it, in direct view of this window:) This has been a problem for several years now as our daughter isn't allowed in the kitchen when her father is in the shower, and vise-versa - somehow it doesn't matter one bit if I walk through or if I'm in the shower. :/ So I promised to make these curtains years ago, and now they are finally done!! :) Daughter will probably decide to move out any day now,  HAHAHA!!!! I used THIS free pattern and I really love how they turned out:)

Okay, now off to see what you have been up to.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Stitching Update

The biggest problem with being a person who really loves to knit and really loves to stitch is deciding which one to work on. When I'm knitting I'm usually thinking of what I'd like to be stitching and when I'm stitching I'm thinking of what I'd like to be knitting. What a 'horrible' problem I have!! :)

I have been able to get in time on both my knitting and stitching lately (summers are so nice!!). Here are a few thinks I've been stitching on.

First off is...
This is Tis the Season by Blackbird Designs. It was an offering with the Ladies Prim Society Club last year so it should be released for purchase sometime this year. I love the design on the front of what will become a drawstring bag. However the back side - not shown in the picture - is of an alphabet with 'Merry Christmas/Happy New Year' on it. I'm not sure I want this to just be a holiday bag, so I'm thinking of changing what it says, but not sure what to yet. I still have a bit of the boarder to do on the front and that boarder wraps around to the back as well, so I have a ways to go before I need to make a decision.
This was a new purchase for my birthday last month. I REALLY don't need new stitching projects, but I had seen this one done up a few years ago and the stitcher did the alphabet super light as to just barely show in the background, and I loved the effect it had. So when I saw the chart, I decided it was time to make this as well. I am stitching it over one on 32 ct Toasted Almond linen with a few color modifications.
And finally, this is 'August Wordplay' by Brenda Gervais (With Thy Needle and Thread). I'm making this for my mother-in-law as a seasonal piece that she can change out. This one will be changed to 'Summer' instead of 'August'. Getting close to done with it and then I'll have to start playing around with the next one:) I really like these as seasonal charts (instead of monthly, because I'm not as fond of the ones that mostly depict holidays for the month) and keep thinking that I'll have to make a set for myself. If you are wondering I am using January for Winter, May for Spring, August for Summer and then I'll have to really play with October/November and another chart of hers that I have to make a suitable Autumn. October is heavily 'Halloween' and November is mostly 'Thanksgiving', but there are parts of both that I can use. That one will probably take a while to figure out:)

Well, unless another project screams out to me in the meantime (which is altogether likely), I hope to have the Wordplay and the Blackbird projects done by the end of this month, Silent Sampler will likely be put away and brought out again several times before it gets finished.

Have a lovely, stitchy day!!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Crafting On - Keep on Knitting

Linking up with Nicole at Frontier Dreams and her Craft On Blog Hop.

I am still mostly knitting on my sock. I got down to the heel flap on what will be the first usable sock...
But then I decided I needed another project to work on as well. I really want to start something new, but I also really want to get a couple things completed first. So I pulled out my Tidal Sands Cowl...
This project is just not wanting to cooperate with me!!! I pulled it out to knit on it, and after two rows around (over 600 stitches) I realized that there was a mistake a couple rows before where I started. :/ Hmm, maybe that was why I put it away in the first place? But not this time, I'm tinking away on it, going to fix that mistake (and the few others I made while tinking back lace) and then go from there.

I just joined The Knit Girllls Stash Dash on Ravelry so that is a little more incentive to finish up some WIP projects instead of starting something new:) I would really like to be able to complete the 3K finish line, but if I'm being really honest, I'll be doing good to finish the 1K!!

Now I'm off to see what you've all been working on!!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Crafting On - We Have A Sock!!!

Linking up with Nicole at Frontier Dreams and her Craft On blog hop.

Well, after a couple weeks break, I'm back and I'm so super excited!! I made a sock!!
Hubby commented that if I were to sell a pair a knitted socks I'd have to sell them for $300 for all the time and effort this has taken me!! Then I reminded him that this is just the first sock, I have to start all over to make the next one:) And since I'm going to make a few changes, I actually have to make 2 more!! After trying this one on, I've decided that I need a couple more stitches around and to cast on a bit looser. Also I want the leg portion to be a bit longer, it's kind of an awkward length right now. So I'll make the changes to the next sock, see how it goes and will make third sock to match if all goes well.  

I'm really looking forward to seeing how the next one turns out!! Off to knit a bit more:)

Monday, May 15, 2017

What a Month!!

Actually this year has been crazy full. Lots of milestones too:) A few weeks ago our daughter turned 18...
Yes, the cake is half gone:) This was our second stop for her birthday celebrations. It was weird this year because her birthday fell on Easter, so we needed to go to both sides of the family instead of having them all together. She made the cake this year, and I don't know if you can tell, but that white and pink section is a bunny booty and feet. She also had a bird's nest with eggs and there is one 'carrot' still in the cake, planted in some 'dirt'. It was so cute:)

She participated in her last 'Formal' and 'Soiree' (prom alternatives)...

My hubby and I also celebrated our 20th anniversary by taking a short family trip to visit a museum a few hours away from home.

Our daughter participated in her graduation ceremony (sorry no pictures yet. We had a photographer, but I should have taken some pictures too, and I got caught up in all of it and forgot!!). It was a really nice, small ceremony as it was just Rylie and her friend that was graduating (homeschool if you didn't already know:). Rylie still needs to finish up a couple classes before she's officially done, but she's getting close and hopefully will have those classes finished by the end of summer.

And tomorrow is my 40th birthday!?!?! How did that happen??? My mother in law always takes us out to dinner for our birthday, and I'm planning on meeting with my sister in law and a friend to do a little gabbing and stitching (oh, and the friend just had a baby, SOOO, maybe a little snuggling too:).

So it's been a busy month with lots of fun and big milestones to celebrate!! Other than a graduation celebration for a friend's daughter, and a cousin's wedding, I think the craziness is going to settle down now:) It's good, I need a bit of a rest!!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Crafting On - And It's DONE!!!

Linking up with Nicole at Frontier Dreams and Crafting On.

I have been pretty quite over here on my blog. The past few months have been busy but the past 2 weeks have just been crazy. Most of all that is done for now and I'll blog later this week to tell of it. Needless to say, when life ends up that busy it sure does cut into how much crafting time I have:)
I did get some done here and there, even setting up a time to meet with my sister in law so I would have an excuse to do a little stitching. So I don't have a lot to show off this week, but I do have this...
The 'John Deere' inspired baby blanket is done!!! I'd like to say it got done before the baby made his way into the world, but that's okay. It finally warmed up in our area, so I'm sure the baby isn't hurting to stay warm:) I'm hoping to deliver it to the family this week.

And to those that follow my blog and may be wondering how my first sock is coming along.. Well, I realized that I completely ignored a step while knitting the heel flap/shaping. I could have tinked back 16 rows, but I ended up just pulling the whole thing out. Now I'm just about done with the leg and will be starting the heel flap again. Oh well, I will get some practice at it at any rate:)

Off to see what you all have been up to this week!!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Crafting On - Getting Close

Linking up with Nicole at Frontier Dreams and her Crafting On blog hop!!

I've been a bit quiet on the blog lately, but no worries, I've been keeping my hands busy behind the screen:)

I've mostly been working away at the John Deere baby blanket AND....
Yep, I've learned to turn the heal on my sock!!! The above picture captured the color of the blanket pretty well, but made the sock look purple. The picture below is almost dead on with coloring:)
 All that is left is the foot and toe, and after looking at the instructions for both, I don't think I'll have any problems with it. I'm so excited to have gotten past the heal turn, and after watching a video or two, it really wasn't all that hard!! I can't wait to get this one done and start all over again:)

Hopefully by next week I'll have cast on the next sock and have the baby blanket done and ready to go to the expectant parents!!  Then I'll have to see what I'll work on next;)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Friday Night Sew In

Linking up with Wendy at Sugarlane Designs and FNSI.

I'm a bit late this time (again) as Friday nights tend to be hard to find time to sew. I planned well this time and started on Thursday, but then I melted a zipper to the fabric (OOPS!!) and needed to run to the store. That's okay though, lesson learned:)

I had planned to work on a hanging 'tuck' finish for a spring design I stitched, but I then I started working on a zipper bag that my sister in law wanted for a friend, and well, that's when the zipper accident happened. I persevered, and now have a matching set all ready to go...
And I'm SUPER excited about my new labels!!! I'm getting so close to being able to open up an Etsy store:) 
I do, however need to work a bit more on sizing. I'm going to have a few people look at the sizes of these with their stitching projects (my sister-in-law uses her bags for stitching). I'm sure this would work well for larger knitting/crochet projects, but I think the big bag is too tall for stitching. We will see what they think:)

Off to see what everyone else was sewing:)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Crafting On - Spring Stitching

Linking up with Nicole at Frontier Dreams and her blog hop Crafting On

Usually I post knitting or crochet updates when I link up with Crafting On, but as I am working on the same thing I have been for several weeks (and didn't get very far with it this last week), I thought I'd post something a bit different.

I LOVE to knit and crochet, but my first love was cross stitch. I did my first project in high school sewing class when we had to choose one project that was not machine sewn and after that I was hooked. Back in the early 90's the choices for patterns was much more limited, and in my opinion, not nearly as nice as what we have today. Today we almost have too many choices, and as I have lots of patterns already, and lots more that I want, I know that I will never actually have time to stitch them all - but I really should try;)

This adorable carrot pattern was designed by SubRosa as a freebie offered a few weeks ago to whomever purchased a pattern from her Etsy shop. I thought I could get out of there with just one pattern and this freebie, but alas, I purchased two patterns and have plans to go back for more!! :) This will make into a pouch that holds a couple felt carrots. The pattern for the felt carrots was included in the freebie. I don't see that this pattern is available right now, maybe she'll release it for sale at a later date.
And this pattern is the latest release from Marianne Meyer of Midnight Stitching (she's my sister-in-law:). She released a set of seasonal pincushion patterns and while this one was originally charted to be one color all over, I thought it would look cute in multi color:) I think I'm going to make a tuck hanger for this instead of a pincushion, but I'm not sure yet.

My plan is to use the time set aside for this Friday's FNSI (Friday Night Sew In hosted by Wendy at Sugar Lane Designs) as my time to finish these up. We will see how far I get:)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Crafting On - Learning Something New

Linking up with Nicole from Frontier Dreams and her Crafting On Blog Hop.

I'm a little late this week with my 'Crafting On' link:) I had a wonderful day yesterday, getting together with my sister-in-law (Marianne Meyer of Midnight Stitching Designs) and meeting a new stitching friend. We met at the cutest little coffee shop and stitched and talked for a while. The new friend had to go to pick up her boys after a while so Marianne and I stitched a bit longer, went out for lunch and the visited a quilting shop before I headed back home. They meet each week, but as it takes me an hour to get there, I only am able to go every now and then. It was really nice to get out of the house and meet up with some like-minded sisters:)

I haven't only been stitching and gabbing around here:) I've also been crocheting...
'John Deere' inspired baby blanket for a friend.
And knitting...
Basic 'vanilla' socks
I really needed another knitting project going!! hahahahaha  But I am super excited to have started my first pair of socks. This was the whole reason I wanted to learn to knit in the first place!!! After looking for a couple years at instructions that I didn't understand, I decided to take the plunge. I still don't quite understand what I am suppose to do once I get to the heal flap, but I figure there is always You-tube for that:) I also am pretty sure I want to try every other way to knit socks other than on dpns, but it was the one way that I knew how to get started, so I went with it. It is my goal to fill up my sock drawer with hand-knits, so I guess I'll have lots of opportunity to learn all the different ways of knitting them:)

Off to see what everyone else was up to this week!!

Monday, April 10, 2017

2 for 1 Monday!!

I had hoped to have my 'FINISHES' all finished up this morning so I could post earlier in the day,!! So after spending most of the day in town running from here to there, I finally came home and sat down to the sewing table - aka the dining table - aka we don't have a dining room, so it's really a table in the middle of the kitchen, but you get what I mean:)

I have TWO projects to show off today!! The first is one that I stitched quite a while back. So far back that I really can't remember when, but at least 3-4 years ago.  I thought I'd have it done to show off on Friday but I was having troubles finding a nose for 'him'. The original model used a 'carrot stick'? or something like that and they cut a hole in the face of the snowman to place it in. I didn't want to cut into my snowman, I wanted a carrot button. I thought this would be pretty easy as Easter is just around the corner, and I did find a few but they were very cutesy and my snowman is a little on the rustic side. So, I went to Etsy and found the perfect carrot buttons...
Purchased at 
 Here is my naked snowman...
Oh Christmas Tree by With Thy Needle and Thread (Brenda Gervais)
And here he is all dressed up!! 

I also finished stitching a project that was to be my mother-in-law's birthday present (last week!!). I did show her what I had done on it and asked how she wanted to display it so I would know how to finish it. She wants a hanger similar to mine (which is the one pictured). All that's left to do is order the one I found for her!! Oh, and start on 'Summer' Wordplay - I'm going to use the August chart for 'Summer'.
'May Wordplay' by With Thy Needle and Thread (Brenda Gervais)
I'm really liking that I'm starting to make my projects into something almost as soon as I've finished stitching them. I still have loads of stitched projects that need to be displayed, but one thing at a time!! :)

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Crafting On - It's Growing!!

Linking with Nicole of Frontier Dreams and her Crafting On blog hop.

Other than a few hiccups with finding the right dye-lot for the green, I'd say the 'John Deere' baby blanket it coming along nicely!! The colors are even growing on me:) It is starting to remind me of a bright, sunshiny, spring day!!
I didn't even pay attention to the dye lots as I don't usually have problems with this yarn, but the two on top don't match. The color is close, but they are a lot more dull than the others. I had to go back to the store and only found 2 in the same dye lot, and then to a different town where I bought the 4 skeins they had. There is one more store close enough to check if this is still not enough, but I'm hoping it will be. The yellow was fine and I'm sure I have enough of it now:) 
The colors almost match my tulips (and dandelion patch!!) perfectly...

On other crafting notes: I'm just about finished with my mother in law's birthday stitching now, and am itching to get back to the carrot bag stitching project too!! I just love keeping my hands busy:)

Monday, April 3, 2017


I was doing so good, plugging along on stitching a piece for my mother-in-law's birthday, when I got side swept into buying a new project!!!

See I had been working on this piece...
'May WordPlay' by Brenda Gervias
And coming along nicely on it too. It's a fun and pretty quick stitch;)

But then I was scrolling through blogs and came across SubRosa's blog. I have admired her designs for a while now, but had resisted buying any as of yet. However she had the cutest carrot bag design as a freebie to her costumers...
photo from SubRosa's blog
All you had to do was browse around her Etsy shop, purchase a design and you'd get this free design with it. WELL... It was a 'free' design, how could I resist? I ended up purchasing 2 of her designs and have several more that I want to get in the future.

I knew that if I started on this one I'd never get 'May WordPlay' done in time for my mother-in-law's birthday - which is this Wednesday if you were wondering, but I just couldn't help starting on it!!!
I've managed to put it down, and hope I can get my mil's gift done really quick so I can get back to this!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Craft On - John Deere Green

Linking up with Nicole at Frontier Dreams and her Craft On blog hop.

It took me a couple weeks, but I did finally make a decision on the colors for the 'John Deere' baby blanket that I'm making for a friend of my husband. I have to say I'm not a fan as I like pastel colors for babies, but I think they will be happy with it:) And really that is all that matters. Here is the progress so far...

I'm using the Triplet Ripple pattern by Marie Segares more or less. I am doing 4 rows green and 2 rows yellow. Not sure if I'll do a boarder or not yet. Part of that will depend on how long this takes as the baby is due mid May:)

I've actually only met the father once and never met the mother, but I'm hoping I can this time as I know how excited the father is about getting to choose the theme for baby boy:)

Off to see what everyone else has been up to!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Craft On - Half Way Mark

Linking up with of Nicole of Frontier Dreams and her 'Keep Calm (Craft On)'.

After finishing up the pink baby blanket last week I was at a cross roads as to if I would work on existing projects (like a good girl:), or start a new project - or two or three!! So far, I've been a good girl and have gotten myself to nearly the half way point, or a little further, on three existing projects!! GO ME!!! 
Above: I am just a bit further than half way on my afghan. This one is clearly not going to get finished for this year's cold weather, but there's always next winter:0)

The top left is just a bag project I'm playing around with. No pattern, and I'm not even sure if it'll come together or not, but it is just past the half way point either way.

And I pulled out my Tidal Sands Cowl which if I hadn't slipped off a stitch while trying to fix another problem, that then made me have to tink back 320 stitches to fix, would be at the half way point too. I'm only 4 rows from the half way point now, so we'll call it good!! :)

While I haven't officially started a new project, I have been playing around with yarn colors for a new project. My hubby has a friend at work who's wife is expecting a baby boy in May. I made a blanket for his two daughters and now he just let us know that this one is a boy (he is pretty excited!!) and that he got the go ahead from his wife to do the room in a John Deere theme. I didn't know how hard it would be to get the colors matched up on this one, but I've been to the store 3-4 times now and only *think* I have colors that will work. I also looked on line, but it's hard to tell if the colors are just right, so I was kind of limited to what Hobby Lobby had this time. Plus I really like this yarn for baby blankets, so...

The green is just about right, it could be a bit deeper, but it's close. Neither of the yellows are quite right. The one on the left is too light, but the right kind of yellow. The one on the right is about right in intensity, but a bit too orange/mustard/something?? I only bought one of each for now and will play with them to see if I can make it work. Hubby says the one on the right is closer, so I'll play with it first. So that is my next project and I will crochet this blanket which should go pretty fast.

Off to see what others are working on!! 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

March FNSI

I'm joining in with Wendy @ Sugar Lane Designs with this month's Friday Night Sew-In!!!

I started off with finishing a small zipper pouch. I made one last month that was a bit bigger, and I wanted to play around with making one a bit smaller. This one is just the right size for a small pair of embroidery scissors, a tape measure, some extra needles and any other odds and ends you may need. I just love it!!  
After I finished it, I decided to play around with some other fabrics and see if I could come up with a good size for a larger zipper bag. I'd like one that would hold a med/large-ish size knitting or stitching project. Since I keep my stitching projects in ziplock bags, I want to make sure that will fit in the bags I'm making. I purchased a 14in zipper and after cutting fabric, I realized just how big that is. I think I need to find 12 in zippers and see how that goes. That notebook ↓ has a bunch of notes for different types of bags in different sizes. Lots of ideas going on!!
I picked up some Paris themed fabric the last time I was at the store as my sister in law has always dreamed of going to Paris and I thought she might like a bag made out of this. Also a new friend that my sister in law and I made while stitching at a coffee shop used to be a French teacher -
pre-children, and taught for a while in Paris, so maybe one for her as well? We will see:)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Yarn Along - And It's Done!!!

Linking with Ginny of 'Small Things' on her Yarn Along/Read Along blog hop. 

I finished the Baby Shawl (aka blanket - why Debbie Bliss calls it a shawl, I'm not sure?) All that's left to do is wash it and block it. I wouldn't normally block a baby blanket, after all I hope it gets lots of use. Hope it becomes her favorite blanket to be carried around everywhere, through mud puddles and to cover up her enormous dog. But for now, I'd like it to look nice to present to her momma:) 
I did finally get over my 'book' block. I still find listening to books is way more convenient, especially if I'm going to ever have enough time to knit!! This book - The Bird and the Sword is by Amy Harmon (if you remember back, I've also listened to Sand and Ash by her), and this was excellent. It didn't leave me quite as gutted emotionally as Sand and Ash did, but was still very good. It has a bit of fantasy in it, but not so much as to not be able to visualize what was going on. The only thing that bothered me a little is the use of Biblical quotes that got twisted around to fit their spiritual beliefs. It wasn't a lot, and didn't get twisted much, but it was there. Either way, it was an excellent story and the 'reader' did a great job of bringing the characters to life. 

Now to decide what to work on next. I already have another Amy Harmon book to listen to, so that's covered, but not sure on the knitting. I have several projects still on the needles, I have a crochet afghan that won't get done in time for the cold weather, and I have several projects waiting in the wings just screaming my name to start them!!! I really should finish up some WIPs first, but hmm, not sure what will win out:) 

Until I decide, I'm off to see what all of you have been working on. I'm sure I'll find some inspiration!! 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fun with the sewing machine!!

I'm so excited!! I've been able to do some sewing, and it turned out so cute!! But our darn internet has been acting up again, so I haven't been able to post!! I think we have that issue all figured out now. Verizon had an unlimited plan now, and while it's not cheap - especially on top of the bill we already had- it isn't much more than paying for our internet and phone bill separately. We are giving it a few days and if everything looks good, we will be telling our current internet company to come and get their equipment!!! So far, everything looks to be working great and I'm so happy to be able to watch shows at the same time the rest of the family is watching theirs (we were having to take turns and even that didn't usually work). And it looks like blogging will be a lot faster as well!!

Okay, on to what I've been 'making'..
I finally got a couple more bags made, and yes, they both have knitting projects in them already!! :)  I have been playing around with changing up a pattern that I'm using (actually at this point it's a combination of about 3 patterns) and working on sizing that I like as well. The small one is perfect for a hat or sock project. I was hoping that the larger one would work for everything else, but it might be just a bit small. The baby blanket is getting too big for it, but I expected that. I will have to put a larger shawl project in there and see if that will fit or if the bag needs to be a bit bigger. Also, while I think mid-weight interfacing works really good for the zipper bags, it makes the draw string area too stiff with these, so my next bags will have lighter interfacing.

If you are wondering, yes, I'm hoping to start making these to sell soon. I want to perfect my technique and also be able to provide a couple different options before opening up a Etsy shop. I think these are just about ready, next up will be zipper bags:) I am hoping to be able to have a give-away in the next week or so too, so please keep an eye out for that!!

Linking up with Nicole of Frontier Dreams and her 'Keep Calm and Craft On' blog hop. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Stitchy Update

I finished stitching another mitten this week!! I really like doing these small projects along side the larger ones as it helps to feel like you are actually accomplishing something with all the time it takes. Here are the projects I've been working on lately...
The mitten is Nordic Reindeer by Bent Creek and the other is 'May Wordplay' by Brenda Gervais. I'm changing it to a 'Spring Wordplay' by leaving out the word 'May' and this will become a seasonal series that I'm making for my mother-in-law. The plan is to have this one done by her birthday (early April) and the Summer one done (I'm using the August Wordplay for that one) by Mother's Day. I'll figure out the others as I go.

I also played around a little with my blog's header picture. I think it looks nice and ready for spring!! :0) Hope you like it too!!

I probably won't have a knitting update this week as I'm still just working on the baby shawl and it doesn't look much different than last week. I hope to have it finished in the next week or two, it is at the half way point right now. Then I can start something new!!! I'm already planning for the possibilities:) 

However, I should have some project bag progress to show off at the end of the week. I worked a little on a couple of them this weekend, but then had to put everything away as we had company yesterday. Daughter has a class today that I need to go to as well, so I probably won't get to it today, but the next few days should be mostly uninterrupted, so I plan to finish up a couple of them and maybe get a few more cut out and ready to go. Goodness knows I have enough projects on the needles to fill them up!! Once I have a bit more practice sewing them up I may do a give-away on my blog;) So keep an eye out for that!!

Well, it's time to start getting ready to leave for the day. I hope you all have a lovely day and can fit a bit of 'making' into it:) 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Yarn Along - It's All About the Pink

Linking with Ginny of 'Small Things' on her Yarn Along/Read Along blog hop and with Nicole of Frontier Dreams and her 'Keep Calm and Craft On' blog hop. 

I have very little to show off this week as I've only been focused on one project...
This is Baby Shawl by Debbie Bliss. I'm a little over 1/3 of the way done now and have high hopes that this won't end up being a High School Graduation present for my cousin's 6 week old baby:) Thank goodness for momma's who are okay with pink for their little girls. I was one of those momma's who didn't want much pink for my daughter and I didn't understand why everyone was so upset about that. But now I know just how much fun pink can be!!! I guess lesson learned - almost 18 years later!! :) 

I've been so focused on this that I didn't even start a new book!!! So no reading update, but I think that will change for next week:)

Off to see what you have been working on...

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Finish It Friday

Posting on a Saturday:)

I spent a little time with the sewing machine yesterday. I think I'm starting to not hate sewing on a machine quite as much as I use to:) I was hoping that spending some time here and there would lead to being more confident and familiar with it, and it seems to be working. I still much prefer stitching in hand though.

I worked a bit on finishing up some stitching projects. First off was finishing off a mitten I just stitched up last month...
This is 'Kitten Mitten' by Cross Eyed Cricket and is a freebie on their website right now. I stitched it on 18 ct Aida which made it an itty bitty mitten and sort of a pain to sew up into a mitten (also the stiffness of the Aida didn't help either). But after a couple attempts to get the thumb part right (ish), I think it turned out very cute!!

I also finished up a stitching project that I did years ago...
This is Summer House Pincushion by Black Bird Designs. It can be found in their Honeysuckle Manor book. I changed the colors from the original, but honestly, it's been so long since I stitched this that I don't remember what I used. I really love how this turned out. 

I'm really excited to be making something out of my stitching projects and hope I will continue on with this. I have already pulled out what I hope to finish off in the next week or two:) 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Yarn Along - Various Projects

Linking with Ginny of 'Small Things' on her Yarn Along/Read Along blog hop and with Nicole of Frontier Dreams and her 'Keep Calm and Craft On' blog hop. 

Getting back on track after having hubby home for a few days working on the house. We now have a new window in our back room instead of a sliding door. It looks so much better, but he's not done yet. The outside is all done, framed in, sided and painted now, but the inside needs new sheet rock and new flooring where he had to tear it out. It'll get done in time, but maybe not before he rips more out in an effort to have a level floor back there:) It's been a long while since I've had to live in a construction zone, funny how I didn't miss that!! :) 

We also got our daughter's vehicle fixed so she is back to driving herself to work and other places. It is amazing how much time that frees up for me!! I worry about her driving, of course, but man is it nice not to have to wait on a call all the time that I need to leave to go pick her up (especially since she doesn't have set work hours, it can be anywhere from 2 hours - 4 hours before I need to pick her up). 

I was able to get some work done on my knitting/crocheting this week... 

Reading: I gave up on trying to read, but I did load up another audible book so I will start on that this week:) I have been looking at seed catalogs as it feels like spring is already here. Even my tulips are coming up. It's way too early yet, and I'm sure we'll have a freeze that will kill everything off, but for now, it feels great!! Hubby wants to have a larger veggie garden this year, so I'm getting excited about all the things I can grow!! He mostly tends to the flower patches - otherwise there wouldn't be a flower patch as I'm not into flowers so much, and other than some initial help with tilling and sometimes planting, I do most of the work in the veggie garden. 

Crocheting: Crocheting was a lot easier to pick up between helping hubby this week, so our afghan got some love. It's at the half way mark right now, sitting at 36in long. I'm going to 6 feet since hubby is just over 6 feet tall and we want it to cover him too:) 

Knitting: I've made some progress on the Baby Shawl from Debbie Bliss. I'm really loving how this is knitting up in the 'I Love Cotton' yarn I'm using. It's actually going a lot faster than I thought it would. Other than making sure I'm right about the pattern, I've pretty much got that down too, so I'm thinking that I will be able to get this done before my cousin's baby is fully grown;) 

I'm also playing around with some sparkly yarn that I think I'll be making into a project bag. I have an idea of how I want to finish off the bottom of it (with some crochet rows) and how I want the closure to work (draw string - finishing the top of it with a bit of crochet as well so that ribbon will string through it) and then lining it so that nothing will poke through. Of course these are all just ideas, I'm not sure I can make them work out. It's fun to play around with either way!!

I'm off to check out the links and see what everyone else was up to this week:0) 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

FNSI - Bags and More Bags!!

This sew-a-long is hosted by Wendy over at Sugarlane Designs. It's just a time to sit down and sew up some projects, knowing that others are doing the same thing at the same time. I actually started working on Thursday since my hubby was home and doing home repair projects and I didn't know how much I would be helping, thus interrupting my sewing time. It turns out it was good I started on Thursday because that was the only time I was able to sit down and sew at all. 

I only got one of the bags done that I had wanted to work on...
This is the one I tried to work on last month, but had a zipper/dimensions problem. As in I bought the size of zipper the pattern called for and cut the fabric to the width that it called for, but then the two did not line up. So I cut new fabric and this time it worked just fine. I love how this turned out and the zipper wasn't as hard to put in as I thought it might be. However the size isn't very useful for me. It's a bit too big to use as a 'tool' pouch - as in to hold embroidery scissors, tape measure, etc. But it's too small for a stitching or knitting project. So my plan is to take the other fabric I had cut for this a couple months ago and size it down - using a 7 in zipper instead of a 9in and seeing if that works better for a tool pouch. Then I want to make a larger one to for a project bag.

I also cut up some fabric for the next bags I want to work on...
I ran out of the red/flower print fabric so I needed to go to Hobby Lobby when I was in town and pick up some more. While I was there I found MORE fabric that was screaming at me to bring home as well...
This picture shows it a little more dull than it actually is. I love the teal/gray combo!!

I have a couple loads of regular laundry that needs doing before I can throw the fabric in. Not sure if all this fabric is going to make it to the next FNSI or if I'll have to get started on it before that!! :) We'll see.

Question for you all - I know many of you use project bags for various crafts. So far I've only used mine for knitting/crochet projects and I've liked the draw string bags since the yarn can't get caught in anything. But I know many project bags are made with zippers. If you use the ones with zippers (which I think look a bit better), does your yarn or other parts of your project get caught in the zipper? Do you prefer one to the other?

Okay, time to go help hubby. He is replacing a sliding door - that was put in wrong years ago - with a big window and there is still a big gaping hole in the back of our house! Thankfully it's been really nice outside during the day!!