Monday, September 4, 2017

Weekend Stitching

I started this post yesterday, but got interrupted and never ended up getting back to it:) I had a nice easy day at home yesterday, which was really nice. You'd think that after 18 years of being a 'stay-at-home' mom I'd be tired of the days I actually get to 'stay-at-home', but I really do enjoy just staying in. And you might be surprised by how few days I've gotten to stay at home during that time:) 

Saturday was one of those days that I had planned to be home, but those plans got changed. My daughter decided she wanted to go into the city with a friend to go ice skating, but she was nervous about driving as she hadn't driven by herself there before. I showed her a map of how to get around the worst of the traffic with the fewest turns so she wouldn't get lost, but in the end she asked if I would go with her. She still drove, I was just there to help. I grew up in that city and it is on the smaller side by comparison to some in nearby states. I think the pop is around 300,000, but when you grow up in an area where a traffic jam means that a combine is blocking the road (or they are moving cattle to a new pasture, or harvest is going on and there are family cars out to feed the farmers), well it's a bit different than she's use to:) Actually she did just fine getting to the ice rink and then to the mall and back home. She really didn't need me, but she felt better that I was there and next time she'll be ready. And I felt better too. At 18 years old, I know there won't be many more times that she'll need to ask for my help in these matters.


When I have been home, I've kept my hands busy, not only with knitting which I'll show off in a day or two, but with stitching as well:) 

I'm SOOOOO close to being done with Spring Snapperland..
by Bent Creek
Just a tiny bit around the side and the words along the bottom!! I want to frame this once it's done, but it may be a while before I can find the right sized frame for a price I'm willing to pay as it's a bit on the long and narrow side. We will see what I can come up with.

I have all of 'Tis the Season Sewing Bag' stitched except for the words...
by Blackbird Designs
I'm still not sure what saying I'm going to use yet. My sister-in-law has a chart that she thought I'd like, hopefully I'll be able to get that from her this week:0)

I made a start on a new project...
Halloween Frog Hat by The Snowflower Diaries (2017 Just Cross Stitch Halloween Mag)
I'm doing the froggy-witch for a Halloween exchange. I think she's super cute;0)  We've not been into Halloween so I didn't have any charts to use for this exchange. I had to go out and buy the new 2017 Just Cross Stitch Halloween magazine. Even though I probably won't stitch much more from it, I do like the pumpkin truck chart that is right next to the cute little witch, so I think I'll stitch that one up for myself. 

I also started playing around with the next Wordplay that I will stitch for my mother in law...
by With thy Needle and Thread
I will be making several changes to this chart to suit what my mother in law is wanting. First off, she just wants 'Autumn' with no Halloween theme. October's chart does have a Halloween theme, but also has more 'Autumn' words than any of the others. I *think* I'm going to take the apple tree out of September's Wordplay and put it in place of the witch in this one. I will also take out a couple words like 'witch and crow' and replace them with 'apples and mums'. I've even thought of using the above pumpkin truck and adding it to this piece, but I'm not sure yet. I have a good starting point anyway, so I may get started on this one today!! :) 

I have a bit of errand running to do today - actually thought daughter was going with me, but she woke up with a fever, so back to bed for her. After I get home, I have some housework that needs done, but should have late afternoon/evening for some stitching and/or knitting time. That is always nice:) 


  1. You have made good progress on both the Bent Creek and Blackbird Designs pieces, Shannon. You also have gotten a good start on your exchange piece. I look forward to seeing the "Autumn" word play come to life. Enjoy your week!

  2. I really like Spring Snapperland. What an unusual border. All the rest of your pieces are quilt pretty also.

  3. How gorgeous is your cross stitch! It's so lovey <3
    I understand the whole at home but not thing - I work from home but some weeks I feel like I'm barely here!

    Sarah x

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