Sunday, August 20, 2017


Linking with Wendy at Sugarlane Designs and her Friday Night Sew In!!

I made a tiny bit of progress for this month's Friday Night Sew In. Usually I sew a little earlier than 'Friday Night' but this week my hubby had all of Friday off of work, and we had some appointments in the morning. So I did a bit here and there on Friday and a little on Saturday morning too. Here is what I got done...
BTW - the Coffee M&M's are gone now:) They are SOOO good!!!

Pattern for a market bag cut out, sides sewn together, and handles pinned and sewn together. If this looks JUST like the one I did last month, that's because it is:) I showed my market bag to my sister in law and she wanted one as well:)

I also cut my 'Summer' Wordplay (With Thy Needle and Thread) stitched piece to size, ironed on the interfacing and went through my fabric stash to find a suitable backing fabric...
A good start for these two projects anyway. I was hoping to get both done this weekend but I think I'll have time to pull them back out this week and finish them up. Maybe I'll have finished projects for a 'Finish It Friday' post:)

Off to see what everyone else was working on!!

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  1. I thought I spied the Coffee M&M package. Have you tried the caramel M&Ms? I think you made good progress on the market bag and prepping your 'summer' wordplay.