Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Craft On - And More Socks

Linking with Nicole at Frontier Dreams.

Well, I think I have officially caught the sock knitting bug!! Last week I finished my first pair and then my daughter asked for a pair of her own, soooo...
Using Kroy sock yarn.
I've finished the first sock and am just starting the heel flap on the second. Using THIS pattern.
Of course one pair of socks on the needles isn't enough, so I cast on another, this time using 'no-wool' yarn and a very similar pattern to the one above.

I got together with my sister-in-law Marianne and another friend last week and we ended up going to a yarn store. Oh, my. I was good and didn't buy anything - for now anyway, but there were SOOOO many sock yarns there!! I'm thinking that's what everyone is going to get for Christmas this year:)

Off to see what others have been Crafting On!!!

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  1. Good for you on getting one sock finished, the second one started and casting on the next pair.