Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sewing Finishes

and the beginning of a new project!!

Two weeks ago I did a little sewing for Friday Night Sew-In (hosted by Wendy of Sugarlane Designs on the 3rd Friday of each month), but I didn't get as much done on my projects as I would have liked. So I worked a bit more this past week and finished those projects up!!
The first project is a stitching piece I did for my mother-in-law. This is 'August WordPlay' by With Thy Needle and Thread, but I changed it to 'Summer' instead. I sewed on a backing, put tabs on so it can be hung and filled it with 5 layers of quilt batting to give it a little depth. I made the tabs just a little too small this time. I didn't have the 'Spring' one I made for her so I couldn't remember how long I left the tabs for it. This still works as I hung it on the rod she has, but it was a bit tight. I will have to remember that for the 'Autumn' one that I will be starting to stitch soon:)
This is 'Market Bag' from the Sewing To Sell book by Virginia Lindsey. I made one for myself last month and then my sister-in-law saw it and wanted one as well. I ended up giving her the first one I made because this one wasn't ready last week when I went to visit her. I made one change on this bag that I didn't make on the first one. The bags are to have a 7in boxed bottom, but I felt that took too much of the height away from the bag, so this bag has a 4 in deep boxed bottom. I've already used it once at out farmer's market and I really love this fabric!!
After my sister-in-law decided she wanted a market bag she started talking about wanting a Halloween themed stitching/zipper bag as well. So when I met with her last week we went to a fabric/quilting store and she picked out the cutest fabric!!! I'll make a large zipper project bag and a small zipper notions bag from these fabrics:) I'm pretty excited to see how they turn out!!

Next post *should* be about stitching, and I'm really excited to show off a couple new projects I'm getting ready to start stitching!!

Have a great day!!


  1. Way to go on getting your projects finished! I look forward to seeing the project bags put together. Cute prints!

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