Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Happy 2018!!!

Yeah, I know, I'm a little late to the party:) I've really taken my time easing into the new year. My last post was in the middle of November and shortly after that my hubby broke his ankle. Not a bad break, thankfully, no surgery required, just lots of rest and relaxation, which my hubby can do for a full 24 hours or so before he is ready to be back up and at it. The 5 weeks that he more or less took off work was pretty much torture for him. Other than a day or two here and there where he *thought* he was ready to go back to work and then learned otherwise, he was in the bed or on the couch with his leg up - he was having a lot of issues with it swelling. He's all back to better now, and we are all thankful for that!!! When he first did it my sister-in-law asked if the doctors were going to tranquilize him to keep him off the ankle. I said they needed to either tranquilize him, or me!!

With all the home time, I did get quite a bit of crafting done. Most of it was for Christmas gifts, some of which I forgot to take pictures of!!!

I made a new zipper stitching bag for my sister-in-law, finished the autumn wordplay stitching and the winter wordplay stitching for my mother-in-law, made a sockhead slouch hat for my daughter...
 and Maize finger-less mitts for her as well.
I think that is all for the Christmas gifts:) I even had most of them done by Christmas, I finished up the mitts on Christmas night, so I decided that counted too!!

Since then I have been working on a bit of stitching and crochet. First is my Jan 1st start, it is 'The Way it Used to Be' from Artecy and it is a big one!! I made the mistake of telling my hubby that I was looking for a new pattern to start for Jan 1st and he asked if I could do one that he liked too. One that was a little bigger that we could hang up in the living room. So he starts looking around the internet and finds some he liked and so did I and we came up with this one...
There are around 24 pages of chart in this one!! So I'm not planning on having it finished anytime soon, but I will work steadily along on it. In between I hope to get some smaller projects finished like this one...
Just about done with it. I'm stitching this over one so it'll be pretty small.

And I'm also working as fast as possible on this..
Just a basic crochet scarf that I'm making to put in a 'Winter' themed basket that our 4-H group will be auctioning off. It's at about 40 inches long right now and needs to be finished by Friday!! Gulp!! I'm pretty sure if I put the stitching down for a couple days that I can get it finished in time:)

I've got big plans for both crafting and home/life/possible business coming up for this year and I'm super excited about all of it. I'll make sure to keep you updated on all of it:)

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Craft On - Christmas Gifts

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Not much to show this week. After 2 finishes in the last few weeks, all I really have now is new starts, which is fun, but they don't photograph very good. Especially since it has been grey and gloomy here for most of the past several weeks. Forecast says sunny for this weekend, and I'm really hoping they are right. I'm all for rainy, cloudy days, but after a while a person really needs to get some sunshine!!

Like I said, I have a few projects just started and they are all for Christmas gifts, and it's kind of funny, but all of them are in almost the same exact stage of 'done-ness'...
On the left I have a Sock Head Slouch Hat started for my daughter and the middle project is Maize Mitts also for my daughter - can you see a pattern in the color that she likes? :) And yes, I posted the Maize Mitts as a new start a few weeks ago, and no, I haven't made any progress on them since. But I included them because they weren't intended to be a Christmas present then - my daughter fully knows about them, but as the weeks past along, I declared all projects on the needles being made for someone besides myself to now be Christmas gifts:) At least the hat will be a surprise - and let me tell you, living in a 700 sq ft home makes it kind of difficult to keep surprises!!

The last project, on the right, probably looks familiar too and that's because I'm making another Lilac Hat. I posted my finish of one for a foster family/friend-of-a-friend HERE, last week. I ended up sending a picture of it to my niece to see if her 4 year old daughter might like one as well. She said, absolutely, that it was even in her daughter's favorite color!!  So I am making up another, and it really is a fun one to make too:) This will be the first year we will celebrate the holidays without my niece and her husband and daughter, and also her brother (my nephew) and his wife. They all ended up moving to Washington State this summer - separately and for different reasons, but within a couple months of each other. So it will be kind of weird and my husband's side of the family will need to find a new kind of normal for the holiday celebrations. Thankfully, with all our technology, it is still easy to keep in touch with them:)

That is all from me this week on the knitting front. I do have a few other projects that I'm working on for Christmas presents including some stitching and some sewing, and I'm hoping to post an update of my stitching later this week, so I hope you will join me for that:)

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Craft On: Finishes!!

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I guess the one thing to be said about being away from the computer is that I do get more crafting done:) I have two projects that I've finished in the last two weeks!!

First is the bright pink hat I was making for a foster family-friend...
It turned out so cute!! I was worried about how the seam in the back would turn out as I've never knit a hat flat and then seamed up the back, but you couldn't hardly tell their was a seam at all!! My friend sent me a picture of the little girl this went to and it looks perfect on her:) THIS is the pattern.

The next project I did was on a whim. My sister-in-law gave me a double folded pot holder a few years ago that a friend of hers had crocheted. Hers and mine had both been used so much that they have since hit the dust, so she was talking of wanting to try to make another.
So I looked around for a pattern - and there are LOTS of them, and ended up using THIS one. While not technically a pattern, I thought her directions were well layed out. I did make one change and that was to do a 42 stitch chain, which I think still turned out smaller than the original pot holder that I had, but ended up using up all but about 3 feet of the yarn ball. I really got lucky that I choose the size so well!! :)

Now I'm back to working on socks and want to get back to the cardigan that I started. Oh, and I had started some mitts for my daughter that I want to get done for Christmas, and she requested a hat as well:) Happy knitting mommy!! Looks like I have lots to keep me busy.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Craft On: MIA

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Well, it's been a few weeks since I've posted anything at all on my blog. Nothing major going on here, just needing a little break. My wrists/hands are working on getting better, so I have gotten a little knitting done. Actually I've gotten a little 'starting' done:)

First off, I'm really getting somewhere with my socks...
One down and the other is to the heel flap!! I love the colors in these socks and can't wait to wear them!! And speaking of wearing socks, it finally got cool enough for me to wear my first pair of knitted socks!! My family thinks I'm nuts, but I was so excited:)
I said I've been starting projects, well.. When I started knitting my 2 main goals were to learn to knit socks and to learn to make sweaters/cardigans. I have succeeded on the socks, and now it's time to make a cardigan!! I'm making Georgetown by Hannah Fettig from her Home and Away collection.
All I have done on it is the ribbing along the bottom (the blue knitting above). About the same time I started that, my daughter said she would like a pair of mitts, so I started Maize by Tin Can Knits from their Simple Collection. This will be a first for me as well.
I was working along on all the above when I got a text from a close friend saying that a foster family friend of hers was in need of a little girl hat. The little one had brain surgery last week and they wanted a pretty hat for her (they even sent a picture of an example, complete with the flower:). I found this pattern 'Lilac Hat' by Yelena Chen and I think it is perfect. The little girl has many health issues one of which is that she is blind so the color was at the request of the mom and rest of the family. I started on the bottom one, but it's too thick so I went back and got thinner yarn, and I'm liking it better. I'll finish the thicker one for her too so she can wear it outdoors:)

As soon as the hats are done I'm right back on the other projects!!

Off to see what others have been working on:)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Craft On - Knitting & Stitching

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I'm still going slow with the RA acting up, especially in my left wrist, but I am still knitting!! I've been making sure to switch out the knitting with some stitching as that seems to help from getting sore, and of course the amount of time I can spend doing either one isn't as much as I'd like, but it'll get better soon and I'll be back at it in full swing!!

It is FINALLY feeling like autumn around here (as of yesterday- before that it was in the 90's), so I wanted to knit something that feels like 'autumn' to me...
So I worked on this sock:) I am really loving the colors in this yarn, even with the teal and navy blues, it really says 'autumn' to me:)
I am also working on this cute little witch, who wants to be a frog!! This is by Sunflower Diaries and can be found in Just Cross Stitch Mag Halloween issue from this year. I'm stitching it up to be an exchange gift and even though I'm not much of a Halloween person, I just love her:) I'm about done with her, just have a little across the bottom to finish up, her boots and a little back stitching to finish her face and the frog eyes. Then I will make her into a little ornament. Hoping to have her done by Friday as I need to get it mailed off on Monday!!

Well, that is all for now. I'm hoping that my wrist/hands/fingers start cooperating with me so I can get more done!! I have all kinds of projects I want to work on this autumn!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Craft On - I am Addicted

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I'm not sure if it's because socks are a small project that can tote around easily and get finished (relatively) quickly or what, but I don't see this trend of knitting socks going away anytime soon:)

First off I finished my first Wool-Free yarn sock...
This pattern has you cast on 64 stitches and it is noticeably bigger than the last 2 pair I knit. It fits, but I think it's going to stretch out and be a little too big. However I like that the leg part is longer and the toe has a little decorative stitching to it (I'll show that better when they are both done). Like a good girl, I cast on the second sock - but just barely!!
Because I somehow found myself at Hobby Lobby yesterday and found another colorway of Wool-Free sock yarn that I really like. There is lots of brown/rust/cream with hints of teal and dark blue in it. I decided to follow the pattern again, except to cast on 60 stitches instead of 64 and see if that helps. The other option was to use size 1 needles instead of size 2, but I don't have size 1 right now, so 60 stitches it is!! :) 

For a little fun:

While I was trying to take pictures for this post, I had a some help...
Pumpkin (above) is pretty chill. He looked around and nudged me just a bit to get petted and then sat down close, but out of the camera view.
Jack, on the other hand, is my boy, and he knows it. And he's jealous of anything that comes in between him and me petting him. He nudges, nips, jumps up on me, and uses his claws just enough not to leave a permanent mark, just about anything he can do to get my attention. He was flitting his tail on the yarn ball as I was trying to get it wound back up, nipping at my fingers and bumping my hands with his head as I was taking pictures. I love him though I'm glad he's outdoors or I would never get anything done. Plus I wouldn't be able to breath - we are all pretty allergic to cats, and breathing is important:)

Off to knit more socks!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Craft On - More Socks:)

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I am for-sure hooked on knitting socks!! I finished my daughter's socks...
Used THIS pattern 
And yes, I took this picture in her car. She wanted these for when she went ice skating (I went with her into the city since she had never driven there before) and I hadn't yet taken pictures. So I resorted to this:)

And then I started these...
Using the pattern on the yarn wrapper
These are made with 'no-wool' yarn which has been quite a bit different to work with than the Kroy yarn I made the other two pair with. First off, it is stretchy almost like elastic which means I need to be careful not to pull too much. They are also turning out quite a bit wider than the other pairs, so I'll have to see if they fit right or not. I do like the self striping that it is doing and that while the pattern is really pretty close to what I used before, there is a little difference. I want to keep learning different heel and toe options as well as eventually learn to knit toe-up socks. 

No pattern - just a basic bubble stitch (crochet)
And I decided that this beast needs to get done before it gets cold again. I think I started this afghan before Christmas last year but put it away when it started getting warm. I know I'm more than halfway done with it, but haven't measured it lately.  The colors are almost a perfect match to the socks I'm working on. I gave my daughter a hard time about her black/gray/white socks being a boring color scheme, but I'm thinking that maybe it was better than grey/white/tan :) I like it anyway!!

The knitting/crocheting (and stitching as well), has been slow going for the past few days. I have a mild form of RA and the last couple months it has been hitting harder than normal, however it has been mostly my feet/toes that have been affected. But in the last week or so, my left wrist has been really sore. I can still do a bit here and there, just not quite as much. I know it'll pass, which is a huge blessing, so I'll just do what I can for now and wait for it to pass (hopefully not on to the right wrist, but that's usually how it works before it moves on to another area). It seems to get worse during allergy season, and I've also not stuck to my gluten free diet very well. I need to get back on track with that and should be feeling better over-all in a couple of months:) For now, I'll just take it a little more slowly.