Monday, July 24, 2017

FNSI - Running Behind

Linking up with at Sunshine Quilting and her Friday Night Sew In party.

And yes, It's Monday now, but I did sew on Friday this time:) I just haven't had a chance to sit down at the computer since then to blog about it. It's county fair week for us, and this year our daughter needed to be at the fairgrounds every day. She didn't even enter that many things, and she doesn't do any animals (except for helping her friend with the horse show), it just worked out that way this year. More about the fair later this week..

As for my sewing, I worked on a market bag (from the book - Sewing to Sell by Virginia Lindsay) that I started last month, but made a mistake on it and didn't get it fixed until now...
The mistake was that those flowers should be facing up. I cut the fabric as directed, but it was printed in such a way that the flowers would have been sideways on the bag once finished. The pattern calls for you to measure a rectangle of fabric, fold it several times and then all you need to cut out is the handles. That means less sewing, but I don't think they meant for you to use a direction-ally printed fabric. So I needed to cut it out a different way, which required sewing along the bottom seam instead of having a fold there, but after that it worked just fine.
The lighting in my kitchen is bad, so the coloring is a bit off, but can you see the heart shaped mess in the pattern directions? Yeah, this one stretched my sewing abilities a bit, but ended up not being so bad. I had one point that I didn't quite understand what they were talking about, but once I figured that out, it was pretty easy.
And I love how it turned out. I didn't quite get the bottom of the bag in the picture, but it has a flat bottom that should work really well for a farmer's market bag!! I'm super excited to use it this weekend:)


  1. Well done on working it out Shannon - the bag is lovely - gorgeous fabric - it will be a great market bag! It looks like an good design too - I'll have to look out for a pattern like that.

  2. I think your bag turned out great, Shannon. I love the outside print that you used. I look forward to hearing about fair week. Our fair was the 12th through 15th this year.

  3. Pleased you worked out how to have the fabric going the right way..
    Beautiful finish Shannon.