Friday, January 9, 2015

Turtle Trot Jan 2015

I'm really excited to participate in this year's Turtle Trot, hosted by Claudette of BAP Attack. I'm hoping that I can make some real progress on some projects that have been neglected for a while, and maybe even finish a few of them. Wouldn't that be a shocker!! :) This month we are to post the 10 projects that we want to focus on this year, so here are mine...

 'Common Thread' from Threadwork Primitives. This is one of the charts I received from being a member of The Ladies Prim Society in 2014. It was so much fun to receive surprise projects in the mail that I joined again this year. If you are interested in joining, do so quickly over at Dyeing to Stitch.
'Mary's Sampler II' from Plum Street Sampler.  I don't have a picture of the finished chart for this one as it is a freebie and can still be found over at Paulette's site.
'Spring Snapperland' from Bent Creek. The only one of these I have finished (and framed and hanging on my wall almost all year long) is the Autumn one. These all have a freebie boarder that helps bring the individual charts together.
'Summer Snapperland' from Bent Creek.
'Winter Snapperland' from Bent Creek.
'Flower and Bird Sewing Roll' by Chessie and Me. I almost have the front panel done on this, but haven't started the inside panel.
'Summer, Autumn, Winter Loose Feathers' from Blackbird Designs. This is one of my favorite projects I have going right now. I LOVE stitching on 40 ct!! I will be leaving off the alphabet from the top/bottom of this chart.
 'Liberty Tree' from M Designs. I also LOVE stitching over one:)
 'Sarah Tobias' from Blackbird Designs (found in Thank You, Sarah Tobias booklet). Also being done over one.
'Summer House Pincushion' from Blackbird Designs. Obviously, I changed the colors on this:) I really love that blue and brown together.
So many pretty and fun projects to work on!! And you can still join in on this SAL as well, but only until tomorrow, so hurry over to BAP Attack and get signed up!!


  1. Wonderful choices for the Trot this year, I will enjoy watching these grow!

  2. Your choices for 2015 are great. Looking forward to watching your progress. On my way to post my Jan. 10th choices.

  3. Oh shame on you for posting a link to a freebie - I would've been able to resist if I'd had to look it up! You've picked out some wonderful charts!

  4. I really love all your projects. I came "this close" to adding the BBD Loose Feathers project to my Turtle Trot this year. Looking at your WIP makes me want to start it now!

  5. You really do have some pretty and fun projects to work on. Before long you will have all of us stitching the freebie :) Happy Stitching!

  6. That's exactly how I'm looking at TT this year. Finish up some of these WIPs! Your work looks wonderful.

  7. Some lovely projects. I really like the "Snapperland" pieces!