Saturday, January 31, 2015

Gail Pan SAL - January 2015

Last year I participated in a Gail Pan SAL (hosted by Martina of Sunshine Quilting) where we did projects from her book "Patchwork Loves Embroidery." I had a lot of fun making several need-fuls from that book...
This year the Gail Pan SAL is for all of her designs, which are many!! I still have a couple projects from her book that I'd like to do before looking through her website to choose more:) This month I worked on a tote bag from her book. I had done the embroidery last November, but hadn't gotten around to making the bag. I didn't get it finished this month either, but I'm glad to have gotten it started...
I just love the color of the fabric!! The original was all red work, but I found the rust colors to be much more fun:)
I have the front and back panels done and all the other fabric cut and ready to go. The finishing always takes me longer than I think it's going to. I'm hoping that next month I will have this bag done and a good start on the next project:)


  1. Love the colours you've chosen for the Tote bag.

  2. Great choice beautiful colours can't wait to see it finished.... I find getting things to the finish line difficult too Heaps of starts though :)

  3. Hello Shannon! Your bag is looking great! I like your choice of colours!! Looking forward to seeing it finished! :) xx

  4. Your colour-choice is beautiful !!!

  5. Hi Shannon. I love how your bag already looks. Beautiful fabrics and sweet stitchery. Happy sewing it together!
    Hugs Martina

  6. Dear Shannon,
    your bag is going to be lovely. The choosen fabrics and colors are great.

  7. WOW - Your bag looks great! Lovely fabrics and the stitchery is perfect!

  8. Hello, I like your bag, looking great. The stitchery is so beautiful
    Hugs, Astrid

  9. Hi Shannon such beautiful work,well done xx

  10. Hi Shannon,
    this is such a lovely delicate embroidery and exquisite fabrics and prepared a perfect fit, looking forward to the finished bag.

    Greetings Uta