Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Yarn Along - with a FINISH!!

Not just a 'I got all the knitting done' finish, but a 'I actually wove in all the ends and sewed up all the seams' FINISH!!! Wow, that really feels good:)
It's time for another Yarn Along post (after a couple weeks of laying low), hosted by Ginny from Small Things. For this KAL we post what knitting/crochet projects we are working on as well as what books we are currently reading. 

So here it is for this week...
Reading: I finally finished 'Friday Night Knitting Club' from Kate Jacobs (book 1 in this series) and have just started on 'Knit Two'. These have been such sweet light-hearted stories that I am enjoying very much.

Yarn: I finished crocheting 'In Bloom Beret' by Britney Waterhouse for my daughter. I haven't had her try it on yet, so I haven't tied it off and woven in the ends, but I hope to get that done today and maybe another picture with her wearing it.

Knitting: I FINISHED  Patsy's Bonnet!! Super happy with this project, mostly because I learned something new (using dpns AND making icord, which was easy and fun!!) and my daughter loves it!! She even had one of her friends ask if I could make her one:)
Knitting: Next project in line is one for me!! This is Tidal Sands by Anne Hanson. I'm making the medium size, though I must have originally planned on making the largest size as I bought enough yarn for that. I think though, that the medium is what I really want. This yarn is SOOO soft too. A lot of times I use cheaper acrylic or acrylic blend yarn, some of which are rather nice to work with. Even so, it's a treat to use a nicer yarn every now and then.

I have lots and lots of yummy yarn plans for the holiday season!! I can't wait to start casting on ALL the things!! ~Waiting on needles to arrive in the mail or I would have already cast on!!~


  1. Very cool knitting projects! I really like the color in the last picture. Enjoy Knit Two!

  2. Love your knitting! And those books are so sweet, I enjoyed all of them!

  3. Oh, thanks for the book review. I didn't realise there was a book two. Another one on my list!