Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Reprieve?

Not sure that's what I'd call this, but it *might* be an improvement:)

After stitching a bit more on 'Horses in the Night' (and complaining the whole time) dd agreed that she might be able to find a horse chart she and I could agree on. I should have guessed it would be a Heaven and Earth Design that she chose, one that is even bigger than the one I had been doing, but at least the charting on it is better. So here is where I got with 'Horses in the Night'...
Thankfully this pic shows the colors better. All purple/blue-purple. And there are about 7 shades of it just in this little area. I didn't count stitches, but I think this is close to 250 stitches, 2 threads over one on 18ct fabric. I don't think I'll throw this away yet, just in case, but I'm happy to not be working on it anymore!!

And the little I got done last night on 'War Pony'...
This is ONE shade of blue, so far, one thread over one on 28ct fabric and is close to 400 stitches. So much easier to stitch since there isn't as much confetti stitching (there will be on parts of the horse and the grass, but it's not all over the chart). There are over 250,000 stitches on this chart, I figure if I can stitch 400 stitches EVERY SINGLE DAY I can have this done in 2 years, in time for dd's high school graduation!! hahahahaha!?!?!  Okay, maybe I should be looking at having this done for her college graduation? :) I'll do what I can and see where that takes me. I sure hope she will still like horses then!! :)


  1. Both lovely designs - I really love the first one but can understand what a challenge it would be if the charting isn't good.
    Good luck!

  2. Both projects are looking so good. But also very time-consuming, but that doesn't matter when you love the project. Good for you that the second chart is better readable.