Friday, May 8, 2015

Gardening - Take 1

We've had an unusual Spring this year in that it's stayed nice and cool for much longer than normal. We've had a few days here and there that have gotten pretty warm, even sorta hot, but all-in-all it's been a very nice Spring.

So I decided that it was time to get into the garden and get things growing!! First we needed some plants. I heard through a Facebook post that some FFA members a few towns away was having a sale of some tomato plants and cucumber they had grown and thought it would be good to support them. Then we headed to our favorite local greenhouse and got the pepper plants...
Then I needed to clean up the garden plot. Last year we decided to abandon the big garden area we had (around 100ft by 50ft or so). It was a LOT to take care of and the soil is hard and very weedy. We build 2 4x8 raised beds instead. Now this really limits how much we can grow, we had hoped to be able to add a couple more raised beds this year, but that didn't happen, but it is much easier to take care of...

Yes, it was quite a mess from the Autumn/Winter seasons!! I took a shovel to the outer edges and chopped, chopped, chopped away until it was all clean and nice again. I don't know how I didn't get this little guy while I was doing all the chopping...
He got lucky, I saw him just in time, and since he tried to go deeper into the weeds I was trying to get rid of, I picked him up and moved him to a safer place. Hopefully he'll come back and eat lots of bugs for me!! :)

We got the garden planted that same day too, but the sun wouldn't cooperate and the pictures turned out really bad so I took some this morning...
 Dying tomatoes
Dying cucumbers
As you can see the tomatoes and cucumbers aren't doing so well. Between being transplanted and the winds we've been having, I'm pretty sure we will be buying some new plants and starting over again. we have some rough weather moving in this weekend, so I think we'll wait until next week:)
Maybe by next weekend (my birthday weekend!!!) I'll have some pictures of the new plants:) 


  1. I had a couple of courgette plants ruined by the winds this week. But I have left them planted and they are already sending up new leaves. I'm hoping they will recover. The same might happen to your toms and cucumbers.

  2. Sorry to hear the tomatoes and cucumbers aren't doing so well. Great work on getting everything ready for planting though. I hope you get lots of joy and plants from your gardening efforts.