Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Autumn Bucket List

My daughter just said my Autumn Bucket List failed. She is super encouraging 😁 I prefer to see it as 'at least I got some of it done'.
My final update...

Under Family and Friends,
We didn't go very many places. I originally wanted to go for a picnic, to an Oktoberfest or chili cook-off, and to a pumpkin patch. Between the dr appointments I ended up with this Autumn and my dh getting sick, plus the fact that we are all homebodies and when it comes down to it, we'd just rather stay at home (must remember that when making future lists:), we just didn't. We did go to the homeschool hayrack ride/hotdog cook off, which was fun and we visited my parents and I got to spend some time with my friend:)
Daughter at hay rack ride event
Around the Home and Just for Me
I did buy an Autumn candle, went for many many walks and took pictures, did a little decorating, washed all the jackets and coats and cleaned out a few cabinets instead of cleaning out the closets, so not too bad:)  The 'Just for Me' items mostly got left off due to lack of funds, but that's okay, I was just hoping. :)

Instead of making one I bought an Autumn sign for the front door, which drove my family nuts as it clanked against the door every time they opened or shut it. I could have put some felt on the back of it, but where is the fun in that??? 😏I made a couple bags, finished stitching what I wanted on Bittersweet Lane and finished the knit and crochet hats for my daughter. I still have learning to knit socks on my list. I found an on-line program that comes with the yarn and supplies as well as videos on how to knit socks that I want to buy, but I need to wait until I have the money for it, maybe for Christmas:) I also still need to block my knitting items that are waiting for me to do so.
Bittersweet Lane from Blackbird Designs
In the Kitchen
I probably had the best luck here, because, well, yum!!! I did spiced lattes, both coffee and tea, pumpkin yogurt, lip gloss and pumpkin hazelnut cheesecake (seriously, make this one!! We made it gluten free by using gf graham crackers). I also made apple cranberry muffins and canned hot pepper jelly. I ended up making a batch of Serrano pepper jelly and jalapeno pepper jelly and finding that we prefer the Serrano pepper jelly even though it takes longer to make - with the peppers being so much smaller and kind of a pain to cut up.
All-in-all I'm happy with the progress I made this Autumn and since I took some pictures of my progress, I will remember some of the things we ended up doing:) I have a list for the Christmas season just about ready to post, so come back on Thursday to see 'The 12 Projects of Christmas'!! Hopefully I'll get some of those done in the next month:)

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  1. I think you did a great job on your Autumn bucket list. I look forward to seeing your list for the Christmas season.