Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Yarn Along

I'm joining in on this week's Yarn Along hosted by Ginny from Small Things. For this KAL we post what knitting projects we are working on as well as what books we are currently reading. Here is an over-view picture of what I've been up to... 
Reading: I finished both books and they were very different, but both really good reads. Sweater Quest had a section that featured Stephanie Pearl McPhee of The Yarn Harlot. I've read her blog for some time now, but never any of her books. I love her sense of humor and now I'm on the lookout for one of her books to be my next read:)

The Things We Wish Were True did have all kinds of secrets that everyone was keeping and some did intersect with others. Everything from peeping Toms to lying, cheating and stalking, but the book moved along quickly and while each character had their share of heartache, there was plenty of positive things happening too and in the end lots of happiness as secrets came out, but love still prevailed:)
I didn't post a picture of 'Dockside', the MKAL from Alicia Plummer because I never went back and fixed the mistake I made over two weeks ago. So no more knitting got done on it. But I have been knitting away at the curtains I am making. I'm super happy with how these are turning out. ***As a side note, soon after taking this picture, I made a mistake on this one too, so now I have to go back and fix one or the other just so I can have something to knit!!! OR I could start something new, I guess, but I really want to get at least one of these projects done before I allow something else to steal my interests:) 

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  1. Love your knitting, sorry to hear that those pesky mistakes showed up, hope you can manage to fix them without too much trouble. I have a few of Stephanie Pearl McPhee books, they are very entertaining.