Thursday, September 8, 2016

Well, That's a Little Better...

Been stitching a bit on 'She Feeds Them Well' from The Scarlett House and the lady now has most of a body. It no longer looks like the birds are flying off with her head!! :)
I love stitching with hand dyed threads, but sometimes it poses a problem. For example, in 'She Feeds Them Well', if you look closely you can see that part of her face is completely white. It looks like she wore sun glasses and that part of her face didn't tan. It isn't so noticeable that I think I'll change it, but in 'Bittersweet September' from Blackbird Designs you can see my first attempt at the house has the back color blending in with the brick color. This design came as a kit as part of  the Ladies Prim Society club and the caramel corn threads I received were darker than the ones used in the model.

So I played around with another thread that was similar but lighter, only to find that parts of it were too light and got lost in the fabric. I decided to go back to the original caramel corn and just cut out the 4-5 inches of thread that was darker and you can see that is working out just fine...

Not sure yet if I'm going to stitch the boarder on this one as it is a little busy for my taste, but I love the house and pumpkin!! I really need to get moving on 'She Feeds Them Well' if I want to get that one done for a Christmas present (I can't believe I am already having to think of that!!), but I couldn't resist starting up something Autumn-y:) Hoping that the cooler weather finds its way to us soon!!


  1. Beautiful stitching on them both. Sorry to hear you had trouble getting the threads to work out but think they both look wonderful. I agree that the border is a bit busy but for some reason I still really like it. Am very interested in seeing what you decide to do with it.

  2. Oh I don't know, I really, really like the border a lot!

  3. I really like the pumpkin in the BBD piece. You have made good progress on She Feeds Them Well. Have a fabulous weekend!