Monday, April 13, 2015

Turtle Trot- April 2015

The Turtle Trot Sal is hosted by Claudette at BAP Attack!!

A little late this month as we had a wild and crazy weekend and Friday just passed me by in a blur!! Actually, it wasn't all that wild and crazy:) It was dd's birthday weekend so we brought home a couple extra girls on Friday night after our 4-H meeting (I was cleaning all day Friday!!), and had a 'sleep' over. Then I took the girls into the 'city' to go ice skating for a while on Saturday. One of the girls went home and the other stayed with us, so we went out to dinner and then went to Youth group that night. On Sunday, we went back to the 'city' after church to have a birthday party with the grandparents/family. Dd even got to swim at my parent's house for a while with the younger cousins. Then we did a little grocery shopping and made it back home to make dinner and try to get some rest:) So a fun but busy weekend.

I didn't get much of any kind of stitching or fun yarn projects done this weekend, but I have been working on all my fun handiwork otherwise, so I have quite a bit to show off for this month!!

First off, I have a FINISH!!

This is Summer Pincushion by Black Bird Designs. I changed the colors to CC's Cocoa Bean and ???. I'm still trying to figure out what blue this was. I used up all but a couple inches of both threads, so it was super close to running out, but then I threw away the thread tags, so I will update this once I remember!! :)

Then I make a bit of progress on Sarah Tobias also from Black Bird Designs. Here is where I started from...
 And where I am now...
 Pictured above is also my progress on Spring Snapperland from Bent Creek and below is where I started from...
All-in-all, a good amount of progress on some of my oldest WIPs this month!! I'm pretty excited to get more of these all finished up:) 

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