Saturday, April 4, 2015

April Yota Update

YOTA is hosted by Pull The Other Thread blog.

Last month around this time I was feeling a bit under the weather so I didn't post a YOTA update, but I have one for you today!!

The last time I updated my YOTA project it looked like this...

This is Birds of a Feather Mystery Sampler by With thy Needle and Thread.

And here I am now. I wanted to get that silly 2nd bird done, but she conspired with a frog and had to have her head chopped off due to a mistake!! :) Only 5 more leaves on that tree left to do as well. So I'm hoping that by next month everything on this tree will be done and I will move on to some easy stitching and maybe get the alphabet done that is above and beside the tree. I'm super excited to see this project moving along!!
Now I'm off to make a birthday cake for my mother in law. Yep, her birthday is on Easter this year. When she asked what I wanted to bring for Easter I said that I would bring her a Lemon Birthday Cake (that is her fav) and a broccoli bake dish (not her fav). :O)

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