Monday, April 6, 2015

A Happy Easter Finish!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend (for those who celebrate, of course). We had a lovely morning with my parents and brother's family. Dd is the oldest of 3 grandchildren on my parent's side and she loves playing with her 2 cousins. We had a big breakfast that my dad is famous for (in our family anyway) and then the kids opened their Easter baskets. Yes, even my 15 year old gets an Easter basket at Mamaw and Papa's house. We didn't have a lot of time left as we needed to be at my in-laws shortly after noon, but the kids wanted to color eggs, decorate and eat cookies and go swimming too. So dd decorated 2 eggs, 2 cookies and swam for about 40 min!! Got a lot done in a short amount of time:)   BTW, no, it is not warm enough here to go swimming, and yes it is an outdoor pool. It was in the 60's, windy and only partly sunny, but my parents had warmed the pool up to around 90 degrees, so it was more like bath water. ;0)

Then it was off to my in-laws. Dd is the youngest of 3 grandchildren on that side. She loved it when the cousins were younger, but now they are all grown up and the rest of the family are all middle aged and older, so even though she loves her grandparents and seeing everyone else as well, it's not quite as fun for her over there. We did the big Easter dinner and sat around and talked a lot. Dd brought some of her art things and made an Easter card for her Grandma and Grandpa. Oh, and it was Grandma's birthday, so I had made her a lemon cake...
 It turned out very yummy:)

And while I was chatting away I got a bit more done on Madam Cottontail, though I didn't get it finished up until later last night. Here she is all stitched up...
Madam Cottontail is a chart from With thy Needle and Thread. I stitched her on 36ct Pearled Barley. I love how she turned out and this makes me want to go out and do some gardening!!

Yesterday was a lot of fun, but it was a long day. Dd and I left at 8:30 in the morning and didn't get home until 7:00. Then everyone was hungry again!! Thankfully hubby and dd settled for grilled cheese sandwiches so it was quick and easy. :)

Today is back to our regular schedule. We've made it through one April weekend, only 3 more busy ones to go. Next weekend is dd's BIRTHDAY weekend. Bringing home a couple extra teenage girls after our 4-H meeting on Friday night and then taking them into town to go ice skating on Saturday. Dd has youth group on Saturday night which one of the extra teen girls will just stay with us for the day and will be picked up at youth group. Sunday will be church and then a birthday party with the family. Lots of birthday fun going to be had:) But first I need to get the house cleaned up!! :)


  1. I love your project. That lemon cake looks heavenly. Will you share the recipe?

  2. YUMMMY! could you share the recipe for the lemon cake? Lemon cakes are my husband's most requested.