Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Craft On - Lots of Yarn!!

As I posted a few days ago, last week ended up not being very productive due to our household coming down with a cold (but thankfully not the flu!!). Most of this is progress from the week before, but I didn't get a chance to show it off so I am now:)

One thing I got done was a scarf I was working on for our 4-H carnival. It went into a basket our club put together with a 'Winter' theme and then was auctioned off along with baskets from the other clubs in the county. It was a pretty simple crochet pattern I found looking at wash cloth patterns:)

I have been working on crocheting another pot holder too as quite a few of mine are falling apart. This one will be a bit bigger than the last I made and I'm thinking it'll be the perfect size.
I am also working on another sock:) This is the 'Hermione's Everyday Sock' pattern that I started sometime in November when I was working on a lot of Christmas gifts. I needed something to work on when our daughter was home and I couldn't work on her gifts. I really love the texture in this pattern and am ready to make the heel flap now.

I need to pull out a few WIPs and projects that I have kitted, but haven't started yet to see what I want to work on next. I know I want to continue with socks, and I have an afghan that I need to work on too. I may pull out the sweater I started, but I'm not sure. Hmm, maybe I need a new project all-together!! :) We will see.

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  1. Nice scarf and perfect for the winter theme of the basket! I like the pot holder too in the same color. I have seen the pattern for those socks on Ravelry, your socks look great so far!

  2. Lovely items that you are working on with knitting needles and crochet hook. Thanks for sharing!