Monday, January 29, 2018

Stitchy Update

I was all set to post last week with some stitching/sewing/knitting fun, but our household got hit with sickness like so many other seem to have. Thankfully ours was the cold and not the flu and so was much less severe and shorter lasting. Daughter and I are feeling almost back to normal now, hubby was the last to get it so he still has a few days to go.

I thought I'd update on what I'm currently stitching on today since that might change by the end of the week:) The beginning of a series that I've been waiting on recently released - Farmhouse Christmas from Little House Needleworks!!! And as such, I will be going on a little shopping trip later this week to pick it up along with supplies and anything else that catches my eye. It'll allow me to use up the gift card my mother-in-law always gets me for Christmas. Usually I use it right after Christmas when my local needlework shop has their inventory sale, but I knew this was coming out soon so I saved it;)

Right now I'm continuing to focus on...
I'm not sure if you can really tell the progress I've made on this in the last couple of weeks. Right now I'm mostly filling in all the little spots that is one stitch here and one stitch there. It takes longer but doesn't show progress. Bummer. I'm still on the first page, but am a little over half way now, so that is good:) 

I'm also working on Winter Snapperland from Bent Creek. I've just about got the first of four blocks done.
AND a finish!!! This is 'Handprint on My Heart'. I had planned to get it sewn together so I could hang it up last week, but that's about when the sickies hit, so hopefully I'll have that to show off later this week.
 That is all for now. I'm pretty excited for my shopping trip, so I think I'll go and make a supply list right now:)

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  1. Lovely progress and a gorgeous finish, Shannon! Did you use the called for red thread or something different?