Sunday, July 16, 2017

Weekend Stitching

I have been using some of these super hot days (100+ degrees out there!!!), to do a little stitching. First of all I finished stitching 'Summer' Wordplay from Brenda Gervias - With Thy Needle and Thread...
No, I didn't leave myself a whole lot of extra room on the fabric, I only have so much of this fabric left and I want to use it on the Autumn and Winter designs too. Not to worry though as I'm not framing these, they will be sewn into a flat fold with tabs so it can be hung on a wall. Like THIS ONE (last project on that blog post) and this will also be for my mother-in-law. Technically this is the 'August' Wordplay chart, but my mother-in-law wanted them seasonal rather than monthly so I made a minor change.

I've also been working on Tis the Season Sewing bag by Blackbird Designs....
This was a Ladies Prim Society chart from last year. It doesn't show in the chart picture above, but the border continues onto the back side of the bag with an alphabet and 'Merry Christmas, Happy New Year' written sideways. I'm thinking of making a bigger bag, having the words on the front as well, and probably changing the wording as I don't want this to be just a Christmas bag. The design looks a bit seasonal, but I don't think it screams 'CHRISTMAS', so I'm pretty sure I can make that work.

I also pulled out Spring Snapperland as it is so close to being done and I had wanted to finish is this past spring, but I still haven't put another stitch in it. I may have to force myself to work on it a bit. The only 'Snapperland' chart I've every finished is the Autumn one, and I love it. I would really like to get all of them done and framed soon!!

Well, I'm off to knit. I'm thinking there may be a knitted finish in my near future and I'm eager to see what it will look like off the needles!!

Hope you are having a very crafty weekend!!


  1. What fabric are you using for the "seasonal" word plays? Congratulations on the summer finish! I like the BBD project you are working on and it doesn't scream Christmas to me either. I look forward to seeing what your knitted finish is going to be.

  2. Both look great Shannon.