Thursday, July 20, 2017

Officially Summer

Late last week I was sleeping in a bit and I still had a few min to stay in bed when a noise woke me. It was muffled as we have a window a/c unit in our bedroom, but it came again and again. At first I thought the wind must have picked up and we were getting gusts, but that didn't seem right after a few min, so I got up. I heard it a bit more clearly once I wasn't in my room and knew instantly what was going on...
This little guy got out of his pasture:) Actually it was him and a full grown bull, but the older bull got scared as soon as he saw me and ran around the other side of the pasture. This guy was really spooked too and his momma was all kinds of upset, so I decided to wake my daughter up and call the farmer that owns this little guy.
We thought we might be able to get the little one in before the farmer came, but his momma was following him close on the other side of the fencing and as they got closer to the open gate, we decided to wait fearing the momma would get out instead. We really didn't need more cows out and about.
Momma was staying close
We did help Mr. Yoder get the young one in and then he called a couple of his farm hands out to help with the older bull and to fix the fence (the breach was on the other side of his pasture - not sure how they found their way to our yard:).
Baby back with momma, he was hungry!! 
Mr. Yoder apologized, but I'm not sure a summer has gone by without us needing to get a hold of some farmer in the area letting them know about escaped cows, so I just told him it wouldn't be summer without cows in our yard!! :) Just part of living in the country.

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  1. What a fun memory to keep and cherish! Enjoy the rest of your day, Shannon!