Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Yarn Along: Done and ???

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I was one busy knitter this week!! It resulted in a finish, and well, it would have been another finish but... I'll just show you...
I had just gotten to the point of starting the decreases on Knit Night Hat. It had looked really big from the start, but I had gotten size 4- worsted weight yarn-like the pattern called for, and followed the directions, so I just kept going. I decided to try it on at this point because I was sure it was too big, and I was right. If I shake my head, it falls over my eyes:) What I forgot to do was check the gauge of my 'worsted weight' against the gauge of the yarn that the designer used. It was off by quite a bit, mine being heavier - and honestly falling in the range of 'bulky'. You can see below how the size compared to the last hat I made for myself...

While the designs are different and the Sockhead Slouch Hat is a lot more stretchy than this one will be, this is clearly a big difference. I love this yarn though (Yarn Bee - Andes Alpaca in Rosalinda colorway. This is a acrylic/alpaca blend and so, so soft), and I really love the design of the rim of this hat. So I pulled it all out, did some math and started again...
I'm past the rim of the hat and working on the body of it now. I also put in a few more inches of my lap blanket and am at 27in long at this point. Oh, and the Kit Kat Hat for my daughter is already getting some loving use...
I'm slowly reading though Knitting Pearls by Ann Hood. I really did need a simple read that I can take slowly:) 

Off to see what everyone else is working on:0) 


  1. Sorry about the gauge problem but well done you for working out a way to do the project anyway. Love all your work.

  2. oh that pesky gauge thing!!! gets you every time!!!

  3. Both look good! Are you enjoying the book?