Saturday, February 18, 2017

FNSI - Bags and More Bags!!

This sew-a-long is hosted by Wendy over at Sugarlane Designs. It's just a time to sit down and sew up some projects, knowing that others are doing the same thing at the same time. I actually started working on Thursday since my hubby was home and doing home repair projects and I didn't know how much I would be helping, thus interrupting my sewing time. It turns out it was good I started on Thursday because that was the only time I was able to sit down and sew at all. 

I only got one of the bags done that I had wanted to work on...
This is the one I tried to work on last month, but had a zipper/dimensions problem. As in I bought the size of zipper the pattern called for and cut the fabric to the width that it called for, but then the two did not line up. So I cut new fabric and this time it worked just fine. I love how this turned out and the zipper wasn't as hard to put in as I thought it might be. However the size isn't very useful for me. It's a bit too big to use as a 'tool' pouch - as in to hold embroidery scissors, tape measure, etc. But it's too small for a stitching or knitting project. So my plan is to take the other fabric I had cut for this a couple months ago and size it down - using a 7 in zipper instead of a 9in and seeing if that works better for a tool pouch. Then I want to make a larger one to for a project bag.

I also cut up some fabric for the next bags I want to work on...
I ran out of the red/flower print fabric so I needed to go to Hobby Lobby when I was in town and pick up some more. While I was there I found MORE fabric that was screaming at me to bring home as well...
This picture shows it a little more dull than it actually is. I love the teal/gray combo!!

I have a couple loads of regular laundry that needs doing before I can throw the fabric in. Not sure if all this fabric is going to make it to the next FNSI or if I'll have to get started on it before that!! :) We'll see.

Question for you all - I know many of you use project bags for various crafts. So far I've only used mine for knitting/crochet projects and I've liked the draw string bags since the yarn can't get caught in anything. But I know many project bags are made with zippers. If you use the ones with zippers (which I think look a bit better), does your yarn or other parts of your project get caught in the zipper? Do you prefer one to the other?

Okay, time to go help hubby. He is replacing a sliding door - that was put in wrong years ago - with a big window and there is still a big gaping hole in the back of our house! Thankfully it's been really nice outside during the day!!


  1. Your project bag turned out great. I love the new fabrics you picked out.

  2. Cute bag! I bet you'll find a use for it. I have a small bag with a zipper that I carry my "sewing kit" in and it works great. The zipper prevents things from falling out.

  3. You did a great job with those bags. Love the teal/grey and the red fabric with the birds. So pretty!

  4. Very sweet bag! And love the fabrics you've picked out to make more.... I have never used zipper bags for yarn projects, just the drawstring ones... like you I imagine the yarn will get caught in the zipper... xx

  5. Great bag! I'm sure you'll find the perfect usage for it. I remember growing up I had a knitting bag with a zipper on it, but it also had an eyelet in the side for the yarn to come out of. I have been planning on sewing something similar... However I too am skeptical to the combination yarn and zipper...

  6. I love bags for my knitting. The two I love the most are from The Loopy Ewe. The Hippo Satchel can be found here and is my most favorite:

    The other favorite one holds 2 balls of yarn and keeps them separate. Love it too:

    Hope this helps!

  7. Hi Shannon, your bag is really cute - a shame it's not the size you wanted - but it looks like you'll be sewing up plenty more and I'm sure one of those will be the perfect size! I like the zipped bags but most of my projects are sewing related not yarn ones sorry no help to you!

  8. Love your bags. Maybe I need to start making some project bags too at the moment I use plastic ziplock bags!

  9. I'm sure you will find a good use for the zipper bag that wasn't the right size.. It does look great and I'm not good at zippers. thankfully I have been lucky to receive some in swaps..which I use for sewing.
    Gorgeous fabrics you purchased for the other bags. Look forward to seeing them finished...
    Hope the door fitted perfectly..