Friday, October 14, 2016

Playing in the Kitchen

Just popping in to say I haven't fallen off the face of the earth:) I keep trying to get projects done before I post them and I got all slowed up last week because of Dr. appointments and my daughter's crazy schedule!! :)

It looks like I'm going to have to revamp my Autumn Bucket list as it turns out that a surgery I had hoped to avoid won't be avoidable. It's an easy surgery, having my right thyroid removed, but it will slow things down for a bit, so a few things will probably get moved aside. I have a few weeks before that happens, though, so I have been busy trying out some of my goals. The last couple of days I've been playing in the kitchen working on coming up with a healthy, but also yummy Apple/Cranberry Oatmeal muffins. The first ones were sweet, but dry and didn't have enough cranberries. Today's creation...
Not sweet at all, but pretty good with a drizzle of honey:) 
These are very moist (maybe a bit too much), had more cranberries, but weren't sweet at all. I added almost the same amount of honey but since the first ones were a bit sweeter than they needed to be I added a little less honey this time. I think the issue is that I soaked the ground oatmeal in plain Greek yogurt overnight in the fridge this time. Plain Greek yogurt is pretty sour so I think I needed the extra honey to combat that. Also, I think I need to add less milk when mixing it as the batter was a little soupy. I will give it another try and see how they turn out. Hopefully I will have a workable recipe to give you next week!!

Next up in the kitchen will be hot pepper jelly. I have soooo many red jalapenos and Serrano peppers in the garden, it's time to do something with them!! That will be a post for next week:)

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  1. Your muffins look delicious! Sorry to hear you need to have surgery. Praying that all goes well and you're feeling better soon.