Saturday, April 22, 2017

Friday Night Sew In

Linking up with Wendy at Sugarlane Designs and FNSI.

I'm a bit late this time (again) as Friday nights tend to be hard to find time to sew. I planned well this time and started on Thursday, but then I melted a zipper to the fabric (OOPS!!) and needed to run to the store. That's okay though, lesson learned:)

I had planned to work on a hanging 'tuck' finish for a spring design I stitched, but I then I started working on a zipper bag that my sister in law wanted for a friend, and well, that's when the zipper accident happened. I persevered, and now have a matching set all ready to go...
And I'm SUPER excited about my new labels!!! I'm getting so close to being able to open up an Etsy store:) 
I do, however need to work a bit more on sizing. I'm going to have a few people look at the sizes of these with their stitching projects (my sister-in-law uses her bags for stitching). I'm sure this would work well for larger knitting/crochet projects, but I think the big bag is too tall for stitching. We will see what they think:)

Off to see what everyone else was sewing:)


  1. Good idea to check out the sizing - and that coffee fabric would also make great mug bags - another useful addition to a quilters repertoire!!

  2. What a cool coffee print you used! Sorry about the melting of the zipper, but I am glad you continued on with your plans.

  3. Looks like you were productive in the end! I like bags in a variety of sizes as I like to pack the paraphernalia that I need for whatever I am working on all together. I do just love bags too though.

  4. Your bag looks great. Sorry about your zipper accident but we always learn from mistakes. I love your blog header photo. It's beautiful!