Saturday, March 18, 2017

March FNSI

I'm joining in with Wendy @ Sugar Lane Designs with this month's Friday Night Sew-In!!!

I started off with finishing a small zipper pouch. I made one last month that was a bit bigger, and I wanted to play around with making one a bit smaller. This one is just the right size for a small pair of embroidery scissors, a tape measure, some extra needles and any other odds and ends you may need. I just love it!!  
After I finished it, I decided to play around with some other fabrics and see if I could come up with a good size for a larger zipper bag. I'd like one that would hold a med/large-ish size knitting or stitching project. Since I keep my stitching projects in ziplock bags, I want to make sure that will fit in the bags I'm making. I purchased a 14in zipper and after cutting fabric, I realized just how big that is. I think I need to find 12 in zippers and see how that goes. That notebook ↓ has a bunch of notes for different types of bags in different sizes. Lots of ideas going on!!
I picked up some Paris themed fabric the last time I was at the store as my sister in law has always dreamed of going to Paris and I thought she might like a bag made out of this. Also a new friend that my sister in law and I made while stitching at a coffee shop used to be a French teacher -
pre-children, and taught for a while in Paris, so maybe one for her as well? We will see:)


  1. Love your new pouch! The blue roses are beautiful and the white fabric looks very sturdy. Keep me posted on your knitting bag. I also knit and love pretty bags to tote those projects as well!

  2. Your small pouch turned out super. I love the print you used. I look forward to seeing what you come up for a larger stitching/knitting project bag. Enjoy your weekend, Shannon!

  3. What lovely gifts they will make.

  4. Good luck figuring our the larger pouch..the smaller one is a great size :)

  5. The pouch turned out really well! You can never have enough... and they do make nice gifts.. xx