Tuesday, August 2, 2016

It's been a while

A long while, and now it's time to get back to blogging and reading blogs, and all things bloggy!!

We've had quiet a year and it's taken some time to wind down and get things all back in order. First, my hubby has just been able to slow down on overtime for the past couple of months, he'd been on overtime since last July. He and his family got his parents moved off the farm, the farm that his dad had grown up on and he and his brother as well, and into a really lovely house in town last November (took 3 months and an auction all while on overtime). In December hubby was hopeful that things would settle down, both at home and with work, and decided it was time to figure out new transportation for both of us, so he bought me a car....

And I loved it!! We found it for a good deal, but it needed a new engine, which he thought he'd have time to do.

Then his dad, who had been fighting a battle with cancer got sicker. He was in and out of the Dr.'s and hospital for a couple months, then entered the hospital to stay in February. He was transported to a couple different hospitals to find the right solution, but lost his battle while in Hospice in March. His wife and sons where able to be with him when he peacefully left this world for the next.

This is still so hard. He was such a huge part of our lives, a father to me since I was 14, and so, so close to the grandkids.

So the car got put off, until my car could go no further. And with Hubby trying to help with his mom, trying to recover himself and still on overtime, I ended up with a brand new car!! Hubby also bought a used car for himself as his old car was about done for too. And now the blue RAV is done as well, which is really perfect because our dd is 17 and is finally just about ready to start driving too.

Hubby is starting to get some home-time now, but still spends several evenings a week over at his mom's house. She is doing well, and we are so thankful that his dad worked so hard to make sure she was all settled and taken care of before he went.

I have lots and lots of stitchy, crafty, yarny things to show you as well as little critters and gardening things. Will be back in a couple of days to show some of that off:)

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