Tuesday, May 19, 2015

One Side Down, One to Go

I have been working hard to get things off my needles and hooks this past week. Now if I can just stop casting on new projects I would feel like I'm getting somewhere!!

I have been mostly focusing on making bags lately, to hold all my projects. I have been using plastic Walmart and Hobby Lobby bags to hold everything, but I want something prettier than this...
The first bag I'm working on is my new knitting project for May. Here is a pic from the beginning...

Project from 'The Knitter's Year' by Debbie Bliss
I just finished the first side (with some changes on how the handle will be) and have one side left to go...
Umm, and lots and lots of ends to tuck in!!! That part might take longer than the knitting!! I also plan to line this bag so that any knitting needles or crochet hooks I store inside won't poke through. 

I'm super excited about the next couple of bags I have planned as well...
Some are already cast on and a couple need to wait their turn. So far all the bags I've started or am ready to start have been knitted, but I would like to try to crochet and maybe sew up a few others as well. Goodness knows I have enough projects going to fill them all!! 


  1. I have never made a bag, but I think this is one area where crochet beats knitting....faster and a good sturdy end result. Good luck with all the ends!

  2. Great looking bag! Can't wait to see the others stitch up as well. That certainly is a lot of ends, best of luck sewing them all in.

  3. Such a neat idea to knit bags to tuck away your projects. And this first bag will be gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the result.