Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Or Maybe...

I'll post on Tuesday:) This weekend really could not have worked out better for me. We did get the ice that was predicted...
Our storage building/rabbit barn - was probably a one car garage at some point.
But not so much that we lost power. It was just enough to ice us in and make all the activities that we had planned (youth group, church, 4-H, daughters class, vet appointment) get cancelled. To me, that is a good weekend!! :)

So I had plenty of time to get my 'Finish It Friday' projects done, and I did...
Winter Snow by Heartstring Samplery was a Ladies Prim Society club piece that I stitched a couple weeks before Christmas. Crown the Tree by Blackbird Designs is one I apparently stitched back in 2012, though it doesn't seem like it was nearly that long ago. They will both make great additions to my tree for next year.

While I made good progress on these projects and also on other knitting and stitching projects I'm working on, I didn't get back on the computer all weekend. Why? Well, I always forget that my hubby likes to stay busy:) And this weekend was the first time he got a chance to play with his new 'toy' that he bought for Christmas. He got himself a dehydrator...
On Sunday he decided he wanted to set it up and get it going. However we didn't have anywhere to put it. Not only did we not have a place to store it (the box had been setting on the couch for over a week), there wasn't anywhere to put it while it was running - for upwards of 7-10 hours at a time, that had a good plug in available. *This house was built in 1920 with power not coming to the area until around 1945~ish. Most of the electrical in this house is still from that time. We have done some improvements to the electrical system, new lines from the poles to the breaker box, a few new lines run to good outlets that can handle heavier loads, etc. The older outlets can handle a normal load, but we only trust a couple of them for things like electronics, a/c, and such.*

He decided that there was just enough room between the fridge and pellet heater to put it if he built a table and moved the fridge over a couple inches. If this is starting to sound like a 'IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE' story, then well, welcome to my life!! :) But by the end of Sunday we had a table, a newly cleaned off fridge, a floor that was vacuumed in areas that we haven't seen since we moved here, and a dehydrator that was ready for use.

And on Monday - he had the day off - we got busy slicing and drying apples and bananas...
They turned out really good!!

So we had a productive long weekend and didn't even have to leave the house:) Perfect!!

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Fantastic finishes, well done. Glad to hear you managed to stay inside with all that ice around. Wow that was a lot of re-organising but looks like it was worth it.