Friday, June 5, 2015

Crochet Madness!!

I put the finishing touches on the last of 3 crochet projects I had going and I am so excited to have some finished things to show off!! I've been more into knitting at the moment, but find it takes me so much more time to knit a project than to crochet. I like the end result of knitting better in most cases, but a girl's got to have a finished project to show off every now and then - and an excuse to start new projects!!

So here are the 3 crocheted projects that have recently been finished...

Lady's Peaked Cap
I made this for my dd, and the only thing she ended up liking about it was the colors:) Actually that's what I didn't like about it, so that sounds about right, lol!! This is my first time making a hat and neither one of us knew what to expect as to the fit, etc. Still it was an easy pattern and didn't take too long, I will be giving a different pattern a try next time.

Pretty Ripple Baby Blanket
Sorry, the colors got a little washed out in this pic. The month of May was a mostly rainy (and gloriously cool) month and I had a hard time getting any kind of decent light in the house. This was made for a friend of my hubby's 2nd child. They decided not to find out the sex of the baby, but like more of the blue/greens/traditionally male colors even for a girl. My hubby's friend picked the colors and didn't tell his wife I was making it (I had made one for their first child as well), so this was a surprise for her. Her baby wasn't due until this week, but she had their daughter, 3 weeks early, so this wasn't quite ready in time. Thankfully, baby and mom are doing well:)

South Bay Shawlette
This is the first shawl I've every made and I love it!! I even got to use it a little last month, which is very odd and rare here in Kansas where we can very easily be in the 90's in May, but we even had a low in the 30's this year!! I did extend this pattern so that it was quite a bit bigger than the original since I'm not a 'shawlette sized' girl:) And I didn't add the boarder because I liked the scalloped edge of one of the rounds in the pattern. Now that it is in the 90's it'll get put away until Autumn arrives.

So a very productive month as far as crocheting goes anyway. Now if I can be as productive with knitting this month, that would make me very happy!!

BTW, all the above projects are from free patterns found on Ravelry, so go have a look if you are interested!! :)

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